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The story of Randy Wittman’s farting mastery; @wzzntzz epic REAX

So yesterday Dan Dakich, a local sports radio host in Indianapolis who also happens to be a former Hoosier teammate of Randy Wittman’s, got a surprise call from another former teammate and the two began discussing the good times until they came across a very intriguing subject: Randy Wittman’s prowess as a fart-knocker.

Here’s the excerpt from the discussion, via our good buddy Jake Whitaker over at Bullets Forever. You can find the entire audio of the conversation there.

Dakich: Two things: One, Randy Wittman used to be able to fart at will, right? Roll on his back?

Blab: Yeah, but that’s not necessarily a special skill, I think a lot of guys have that skill.

Dakich: Seriously? I don’t know one other person who could do that.

Blab: Didn’t he do it in a tune too?

Dakich: There was some, yes. [laughs] I forgot about that. [Laughs, pounds table] I forgot it was musical, it was beautiful, really.

The comedic value in this is truly boundless. Wittman, who has already become a victim of unrelenting screenshots and captions by bloggers and fans thanks to #WittmanFace, has totally catapulted the humor to another stratosphere with the fart story. And of course, upon the news of #WittmanFarts surfacing on Twitter timelines, how could the hierarchy of #WizardsTwitter – the @wzznutz – not pounce on it like starved vultures on road kill?

So grab a Kleenex, find a spot of seclusion, and have at these amazing tweets.

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