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All-Star Appetizer: John Wall reminds Karl Malone of John Stockton

As I sit around inside the media workroom located on the Event Level of Madison Square Garden waiting for the East/West All-Star practice to proceed, I begin to search for something to report about. Getting to the stadium about two hours before the practice left me with little options aside from spewing my disdain for elitist New Yorkers absorbed in their perpetual, yet natural notion of entitlement, especially in the face of outsiders. Sorry for that mini-rant, it took me two wrong entrances, four escalators, and a handful of asshole MSG security to get to my seat inside the workroom. I had to get it off my chest somewhere.

Thank you Karl Malone.

Settled at my station, I began perusing the “Wizards Media” column on my TweetDeck and came across an interview the NBA legend and former Jazz forward recently gave. In the interview, Malone touts John Wall for his supreme leadership as a point guard, admitting that Wall reminds him of a point guard that he himself was once was a beneficiary of for nearly two decades: John Stockton.

Not a bad appetizer for my coverage of #WallStar weekend, eh? On this Valentine’s morning, Malone’s account of John Wall was good enough to throb your heart all over again over the NBA’s current top point guard. His method of describing Wall’s greatness? Typical, by detailing the elements that make a great point guard: “always having his head up, looking the floor and scanning the floor,” and other things like “getting everyone involved, and being “the quarterback of the team.” In an era where score-first type of 1’s like Westbrook and Curry are “revolutionizing” the position of point guard, it’s nice to be offered a healthy reminder of the trueness of the position by an all-time great who played with arguably the best that ever did it.

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