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So Long, #MaynorTime (and @MaynorFloater?)


At this exact moment last season, I was infuriated with the Washington Wizards organization for still holding on to one Jan Vesely at the trade deadline. This season, I’m (keyword) almost sad to see him leave. The reason I’m not as happy about Vesely leaving as I thought I’d be is because ever since training camp, #MaynorTime has been my Achilles foot when watching this Wizards team.

Let’s flash back to July 10, 2013 when the Wizards announced they had signed Eric Maynor. I was ecstatic. John Wall finally had the backup talent he needed to be successful in this league. He was the final piece (yes, even before Gortat) I thought would push the Wizards into playoff contention.

When he was signed, our own Abdullah Sharif had this to say about him:

“Maynor’s game is safe. He can effectively facilitate an offense, can hit 3′s (35% career 3pt shooter), and has had ample experience backing up other elite point guards, notably Russell Westbrook..”

Then, training camp and the preseason happened. There was some concern amongst the media about Maynor’s poor performance throughout the late-summer/early-fall but for the most part, it was pushed aside as a chemistry issue that would get worked out by the time the regular season rolled around.


Let’s fast-forward a bit to a point in the season when Maynor should be getting his game together on the floor: November 27, 2013. Maynor was doing next to nothing on the floor, showcasing a floater that seamlessly never went in and showed his desire to hold the ball for a full 20 seconds each possession. This led to the birth of @MaynorFloater on #WizardsTwitter.


The real Eric Maynor quickly blocked the account (as he did with all of his “haters”) and it seemed that from this point, the spectacle was on. Frustrations grew, tweets increased and by December, Eric Maynor was the new Jan Vesely. The boo-birds came out every time he hit the floor, and for once—Randy Wittman listened. Maynor spent most of the season on the bench from that point; but when he entered, it was always a spectacle worthy of a good Vine.

Even when he was on the bench, he was one sad sap. I mean, who doesn’t like to Wobble?

Things hit an all-time low on January 11 when the Wizards faced the Houston Rockets at the Verizon Center. After the game, the Wizards and Rockets hosted an after-party at Lux Lounge, but for some reason I ended up running into Eric Maynor at a local college bar in Dupont instead.

When I walked into Sign of the Whale a little after midnight, I noticed someone who was in a Wizards hoodie and sweatpants sitting on a bench by the door by himself. Thinking to myself, “That sure does look like Eric Maynor.” I did a double-take. After 10 glances to really make sure it was him, he stood up and sure enough, it was Eric Maynor — still in his Wizards gear — at a bar and not at the after-party.

To make matters even more depressing, three gorgeous 20-somethings came up and sat next to him, he engaged in conversation for a while but then appeared to be visibly annoyed at the fact that three perfect-tens were still talking to him. I approached the manager about Maynor to which he said “Yeah, I offered him a table, but he just said ‘Nah, I just wanna be alone.”

About 30 lonesome depressing minutes later, Maynor left the bar—completely alone: no posse, no girls, no teammates. At that point, it was only a matter of time.

With yesterday’s trade, he ends his tenure with the Washington Wizards going for just 2.3 ppg on 29.2% shooting and 1.7 assists per game. Even if you don’t like the trade, it’s pretty obvious that newly-acquired Andre Miller will be able to produce much better than this.

So today, we bid farewell and wish him many safe ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ to come. We also bid farewell to @MaynorFloater, for much like @FakeDrayBlatche, the sting will just not mean as much anymore.

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