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Shy Glizzy’s new “John Wall” video serves little appeal

John Wall on his Facebook page recently posted a link to a new rap video titled his own name, “John Wall” by D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy, featuring Lil’ Mouse. Feel free to Google both names before continuing if necessary.

Wall himself is featured in the video hanging around the two rappers as they spit icy cold grade school lyrics that aren’t related to basketball in any direct way but instead make references to basketball as they rap about what’s commonly termed as ‘hood shit’. Problem is, they don’t do a great job of that either which, to be honest, comes as no surprise given the general grim state today’s hip-hop is in. To be nice, though, this one line in the second verse by Lil Mouse was alright despite its violent implication:

“All these diamonds in my chain, I just might blind y’all
I keep 2 shooters with me, call me John Wall”

Not bad.

The exposure is cool and all even though it’ll most likely be restricted to local area ‘hip hop’ fans because, well, I’m not really sure how popular Shy Glizzy is on a national level (I personally am not familiar with him at all, but then again I’m not very familiar with many present-day rappers). If I were to gauge his national popularity based on his Twitter followers (roughly 100k), I’d say he’s not playlisted on many folks’ iTunes.

All in all, I’m personally not too thrilled with the song. You can decide for yourself, though.

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