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Say No to “The New Agent Zero”

In Gilbert Arenas’ milieu, trolling the world is no hidden agenda. He’s direct, transparent, and sometimes blatantly harsh when airing out people on social media, specifically NBA players on his Instagram.

Recently this week, the Cleveland Cavaliers finalized their acquisition of Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves and at the presser, it was revealed that Love had switched his jersey number from the #42 he wore in Minny to #0, saying it was a “chance for me to, one, start fresh, and, two, pick a new number that would suit me.”

And that’s when Hell was unleashed over on #WizardsTwitter, not because of Love’s personal decision, but after SportsNation tweeted a picture of Love flaunting his new Cleveland jersey and captioning it “The New Agent Zero”.

The NEW Agent Zero?! The %#!$% NEW AGENT ZERO??

Now if this was a local media outlet from Cleveland, we’d still be pissed but we’d also laugh at it’s unoriginality and say ‘hey, they’re just making a sucky attempt to spite the Wizards.’ But this wasn’t from Cleveland. This was SportsNation, a very popular media contingent of ESPN, strong enough to make a new nickname for an athlete actually stick. THAT’S what pisses us off.

So considering Gilly’s knack for completely humiliating other NBA players in a very destructive manner on his Instagram, I simply wonder when or even IF Gilbert will stir up a reaction to this current nonsense. I’m looking for anything really. Troll his bad defense or his poorly groomed beard. Instigate some of the remarks made by Wolves’ owner Glen Taylor. A hilarious meme or Vine. He just needs to caption it well, and caption it long. Help us fight the fight, @MrAgentZero. Perhaps you should even change your handle to @TheRealOneAndOnlyIrreplaceableNotToBeFuckedWithMrAgentZero.

Gilbert Arenas and his concept of “Agent Zero” molded into one of the greatest figures in DC sports history, and it was driven by the relentless hatred between Gilbert’s Wizards and LeBron’s Cleveland Cavs. Therefore, “The New Agent Zero” for a Cavalier would simply be a demoralizing repulse to the fans. I hope it won’t stick just knowing the fans will certainly try to suppress this as much as they can, but I feel Gilly should lead the charge.

The official “Say NO to The New Agent Zero!” movement commences, folks, with or without Gilbert’s stance. It’s just another bit to a renewed rivalry in pro sports.


To close out, here are a few of my faves from Gilbert’s Instagram account. I looked all over for his post about Roy Hibbert but I think he removed it.

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