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Road trip memories – the not #SoWizards ones

The Wizards returned to the District after an unsettling late-season road trip in which they won just one out of their four games. Their 1-3 stretch out West has them down to the 6 seed in the East with Charlotte sniffing their tails just 2.5 games behind. While there were enough fallout moments and forgettable sequences during the past few games to warrant binge drinking and verbal assault, there were also enough good moments to warrant this midday post showing them to you. Through the enablement bestowed upon me by the mobile app gods who created Vine, here are 10 fine moments from the otherwise not so memorable Wizards road trip.



Watching Bradley Beal exploit his skill sets outside of shooting long 2’s is always a pleasure. Ripely at the age of 20, Beal has certainly displayed his potential in developing into a first class ball handler, and a strong one at that. If only the Wizards would endorse him taking it to the rack more often instead of just settling for jumpers, we could see him achieve that sooner than later.



Speaking of Panda skill sets, Beal is for sure defensively inclined and a block this fierce for sure wasn’t his first. Kenneth Faried the Manimal? After that block he was just Kenneth Faried the mammal.



It’s not the most bearable observance when Trevor Ariza is dribbling in set plays, let alone in transition with time expiring. However, the result of this play at the buzzer in Denver was sparing.


“Atta boy, Witt”

The communion displayed here between John Wall and Randy Wittman after defeating the Lakers in L.A. was totes adorbz. The exchange was justified after Wall finished with 28 and 14 and Wittman got seven of his players to score in double figures. PS- get a shape up , Witt.


John Wall greatness

The steal, the break, the altering speed, the bucket. No one in the league does it better than our own Jonathan Hildred.


The House of Guards

The blueprint for buckets in transition as displayed by John Wall and Bradley Beal. Plays like this are special particularly if you remind yourself that there is only a combined age of 44 years between these two darlings.


Flooded roses: John Wall splashes career-high from downtown

The flood was eventually levee’d by the Blazers, but watching John tie his career high in 3’s made us plenty jubilant. For the season, John Wall is just two 3-pointers shy of a 100 and on pace to triple the amount of 3-balls he made in his first three seasons combined. Shout out to David Falk, though.


Coach Gooden

His existence on the roster was initially deemed provisional, but in Sacramento the man was taking over timeouts. The Wizards have swung and missed quite often on landing impactful contingents that improve the team, but Drew Gooden has clearly been exceptional. He’s provided a solid punch for that second unit and has helped establish the AARP nickname without joanin’.


Bethesda stand up!

Drew Gooden: Bay Area bred, although ofttimes harbored in Bethesda, Maryland. I like to think of him screaming “Wisconsin Ave” every time he exuberantly reacts to making a good play. But more importantly, you don’t think awareness and aggression like the kind you see on that free throw putback above could pay dividends for the Wizards in the playoffs? Psh, the Wizards may have found a gem whose real value we won’t know until he makes those kind of plays in the playoffs. And I can’t wait to see it.



A concluding Martell Webster 4-point play.

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