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The Return of…Kwame Brown!?

To all basketball fans and especially to Wizards fans, I offer you an apology in advance for what you’re about to read next…

We may be witnessing the return of Kwame Brown.

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Yes I said it, Hallie, KWA-MAY BROWN.


The last time Kwame played for an NBA team was in 2013 with the Philadelphia 76ers, where he averaged career lows in virtually every relevant statistical category.

But while I could focus on the overall disappointment that was his NBA career, there are some circumstances in which I think may benefit a team who decides to take a massive gamble on him. I think.

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I know, I know, his layup drill is 100% ineffective, but there still is a need for big men in the league. We all saw the lucrative deal that Timofey Mozgov got with the Lakers and yes, even though the Lakers are a young, work in progress, Mozgov is a big with experience in the league, and that’s also important. Kwame has experience as well and, albeit it not very successful, he still knows what to expect and how to play the game. I mean, you can’t teach length, right?

On the other hand, there is plenty uncertainty in regards to Kwame’s on-court maturity. Yes he’s 34 and usually by that age a player should be considered mature. I’m just not sure his past experiences in the league will help him. Additionally, his durability is a concern even for a short period of time. Being out of the game for over a year can set players back the new generation and breed of basketball players each year. There are a lot younger players that are bigger and stronger than him, which makes Kwame a liability. I guess it really is impossible to write a Kwame post without a barrage of negatives.

With all that being said, Kwame Brown still might actually end up playing for an NBA team again. Even if “Stephen A. Smith called him a “bona fide scrub, this scrub Kwa-MAY still help a team out, but at a price. If you think about it, this would pretty much be his last shot of proving whatever (if any) worth he has left. There is a reason why his name is still being mentioned today: he was a former first overall pick that slowly, and I mean slowly, improved. It would be nice to see a good ending to his career…he’s been through a lot and if you end on a good note, that’s really all you can ask for. The real question is…who would take a chance to provide that for him?

I hope those eyes still work after reading all that. Wizards fans such as myself can pick from a number of players that would have performed better than Kwame, but I guess hindsight is 20/20, right? The fact that his name still comes up in the news after a career full of challenges is mind-boggling but that’s what happens when there is that “former first overall pick” label behind your back.

Last message: Good luck Kwame, from Hallie and I.

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