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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: John Wall Deserves A Hell Of A Lot More Of It

John Wall is like the middle child of the NBA. He repeatedly proves himself as a premiere point guard, has been to multiple All-Star games, an ELITE top passer, and has even made an appearance in the dunk contest. The most impressive of all is leading the Wizards on consecutive playoff runs, steamrolled by Wall’s incredible speed and out-of-this-world passing ability. Yet for some ungodly reason Wall still doesn’t seem to earn the respect he deserves. As of late, this has been visible through a plethora of non-calls, and his recent ‘bump-in’ with the refs.

In a recent interview, Wall vented to the media: “They [people] still don’t respect me. But I mean, that’s something that comes with the games. I’m gonna let people know this season.” And ‘let them know’ he’s tried. Wall has been a consistent 20 and 10 guy every night. Additionally, his defense has garnered him 2 steals a game which opens up what he does best, executing in transition.

He also makes clowns out of defenders:

It is impossible to forget the hustle and emotional factors Wall brings night in and night out. These factors unequivocally add up to an elite guard. Outside of D.C., however, not many seem to feel the same.

Perhaps because there is just one key factor missing from the equation: WINNING. It’s as simple as that. Wall and the Wizards simply have not been winners. Starting 2-5 this season doesn’t help either. If the Wizards won 10 more games per year, Wall and company would be much bigger names around the League. Kyrie Irving, who is less of a point guard than Wall, is considered one of the best guards in the league because LeBron came to town and because the Cavs win.

Wall has been outspoken about the lack of respect. And recently, he admitted to letting out his frustrations on the floor. On Wednesday night against the Celtics Wall, was ejected on a flagrant-2 call after bodying Marcus Smart. To the naked eye this was an unnecessary foul, and could lead to a suspension. But for Wall it was a statement (a regrettable one he later apologized for).

“I just keep getting beat up and keep playing basketball.”

Wall can only take so much of a beating without getting the calls he deserves. The hard foul on Smart was simply out of frustration from being mauled constantly every game. People need to come around and appreciate the pure talent that is John Wall. If he wants to get to the basket, he is going to get to the basket. If a player has a clean look, Wall is usually on the other end of the assist. Wall turns the ball over? Chances are he’s making it up by swatting an opponents layup to next week. If the other team’s point guard leaves any chance, Wall is going to pick his pocket and throw it down on the other end. You just do not find these qualities in a majority of guards around the League.

It is time to appreciate talent and respect John Wall.

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