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RANT – LeFlop James: Catalyst of a Basketball Epidemic

As much as I love the NBA, it’s players and even certain teams other than the Wizards, Lebron James, for as great as he may be, has completely ruined the game experience for me.

Over the last two seasons, I’ve been extremely blessed and humbled with the pleasure of being able to cover professional basketball games and write about them from a media perspective. I’ve been able to watch some of the greatest players in today’s NBA play at real speed and interview them in person. I’ve seen Derrick Rose devastate people with his crossover, Carmelo nail jumpers from anywhere on the court and I’ve also seen Jan Vesely air ball free throws. On multiple occasions.

I never thought I would ever compare Jan Vesely’s game to Lebron James, but brace yourselves people, it’s coming. Jan Vesely and Lebron James flop better (or worse) than anyone else in pro sports. Slight edge to Lebron for actually having the fortitude to do it on national television. If you’re going to carry on the name, brand and image of “King James” and “The Chosen One”, don’t grasp your head like you’ve been clubbed after reaching around to touch someone’s hip. There’s no place for that in any sport. You should be embarrassed.

I have zero desire to watch Lebron play a single game anymore. Whether it be the NBA Finals or a game against the Wizards that I’m fortunate enough to cover, I don’t want to watch him play another second of basketball. I might be in the minority here, but frankly, I don’ t care. Watching a grown ass man with that type of body pretending to have been shot by a semi-automatic rifle (European soccer style) at least four to five times a game, makes me sick to my stomach. These $5k fines that the NBA has handed out is a joke and ultimately means nothing to a player making close to 20 million dollars a year.

You want to send a message and put an end to this ridiculous flopping fiasco that taints the the NBA? It’s simple…

You start suspending players. Whether it’s Wade, Lebron, Blake Griffin, or the last guy coming off the bench and regardless of the magnitude of the game, you let them sit and watch how real MEN play sports. Lebron…all the talent, size and scoring ability in the world can’t buy you an ounce of respect no matter how hard you try. People pay money to watch you play the game that you’re so great at. Not to see you do your best Greg Louganis impression on the hardwood. I could care less about the Heat, Pacers, or even the Spurs. But I do care about the integrity of the NBA and that is seemingly going down the drain with every high pitched grunt and mentally scarring image of Lebron’s armpits being waved around like a vendor trying to sell popcorn.

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