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The Quick and the Dead: John Wall’s punishing hesitation move

When you look at a player like John Wall, the first thing you think of is him as an athlete. You marvel at his quickness. His speed in the open court makes your jaw drop. Everytime you see him make a spectacular play you just chalk it up to great genes, a good 40-time, and a solid vertical leap. He’s more than that. All of the great players are more than that.

A point guard is like the quarterback of a football team. He analyzes the defense and puts them in the position he wants to. Any crease or slight opening is all it takes for a great player to execute what they intended to. To us, the viewer, it happens in the blink of an eye. To the player however, it’s a methodical process that plays out in slow motion. Every step is calculated. Every dribble is deliberate. Every basket is earned the hard way. They just make it look easy.

I decided to write a rhyme about it. I present to you, my words, in the eyes of John Wall. Enjoy.

john steph

“Yeah he can shoot, but he’s not quicker than I

I’m gonna make sure they live and die tryna bring over this second guy…

Look at him, feet flatter than a pancake…

He’s got his eyes on the ball when he should be watching his mans waist…

Now look at David not properly hedging…granted the scores only 8-7

But when I turn the corner, put on the afterburners

They’ll have to make adjustments resulting in openings 24/7 on every corner like 7-11’s

So let me split the difference, make him look left and turn his frame

That extra split second I gain widens my intended lane, God….I LOVE this game

Now he’s stuck in quicksand, frozen, in no man-s land, burned like a calorie

If he even has the awareness to recover he can only get back in the play by fouling me

wall blur (1)

Now I’ve turned the corner and he wasn’t even prepared me on this floor spot

Bogut’s gotta help, Lee that’s partially your fault, no look pass, slam, Marcin Gortat

I could have forced the issue but I dished it instead

3 guys had no chance of stopping #2, that’s the difference between the quick & the dead

You’d probably think I’m foolish to look back on my play rappin’

But my minds as quick as my game because I thought up all of this while it happened”


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