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Quick Ain’t Fair: A Look at John Wall’s Improvement in the Adidas CrazyQuick

The improvement or change in an NBA player’s game has rarely ever been attributed to the shoes he’s wearing. However, John Wall just may be that one exception. This column, written by guest writer Izzy Gainsburg from Wall’s official website JohnWall2.com, explains Wall’s dramatic change in production after switching over to the new Adidas Crazy-Quick sneakers.

Over twenty years ago, Mars Blackmon/Spike Lee joked in a commercial that Michael Jordan’s shoes somehow made him better. The joke being that Jordan’s work ethic and athleticism were what made him the greatest, not whatever he was wearing. Fast forward to today, that notion might be outdated; a shoe really can be  catalyst for better play. Of course, we’re referring to John Wall’s ridiculous improvement after switching to and becoming the face of the all-new adidas CrazyQuick.

JW2 debuted the CrazyQuick on March 6th, 2013 and the positive effects from the shoe were on display, well, crazy-quick. In a close loss in Minnesota against Ricky Rubio and the T’Wolves, Wall put up 19 points (7-15 from the field), 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals, and a block.

Even more impressive is the difference between Wall’s play pre- and post-CrazyQuick. Check out the stats below, per NBA.com/Stats:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.34.06 PM

It’s tough to tell what’s more striking, the shoes’ design or their impact on Wall’s game.

Before the CrazyQuick, Wall was playing decent. But after? He was playing nothing short of superstar-quality basketball.

Wall was able to shoot, score, pass, rebound, and defend better in his new kicks. Despite playing more minutes with the CrazyQuick, he turned the ball over much less. And perhaps that’s what’s most important–the adidas CrazyQuick helped give Wall the needed confidence in his body to play seven more minutes per game.

After hearing Wall and the adidas Basketball’s Robbie Fuller talk about the CrazyQuick, the drastic improvement makes sense. Here are some highlights from an interview with Hypebeast. First, Fuller’s take on the shoe:

[HB:] Can you break down the tech aspect for us?

[Fuller:] Sure, quickness really has 3-4 dimensions – the recipe that equates to quickness. First is the traction. It’s amazing how much quickness, court-feel and redirection you can get if you’re using a real fine herringbone and orientating the transfer of the weight…Second is how it’s segmented so it can spread out as it hits the ground…Next is the Sprintframe, the orchestration in making sure that all the movement with the ground is being controlled and optimizing every movement…Finally, lightweight. Everything is better when light. You’re maximizing the shoe’s 11.25 ounces. It’s an industry leader in the realm of lightweight.

Here’s Wall’s take:

[HB:] So I heard you played in these recently.

John Wall: I broke out the Crazyquick last night [against the Wolves], so it was my first time wearing them in a game…It changes the game for me and allows me to easily change up my pace of game…I like that when you are wearing them, they don’t really weigh you down. The colorways match my uniform…The Crazyquick is going to change my game by making me quicker than my opponent, making the job a little easier for me.

Wall was right–the game definitely came easier to him after switching to the CrazyQuick.

JW2 had been previously wearing the adidas Crazy 8, which, at 15.3 ounces, is 33.3 percent heavier than the CrazyQuick. In other words, when Wall wore his old shoes, it was almost as if he was playing with the weight of an extra shoe on his feet. Not what a speedster like Wall needs.

As much as anything–its lightness, its traction, its sleek looks–the shoe seems to capture the elusive quality of responsiveness. For a player like JW2, who is known to make decisions and change directions on a dime, this characteristic is of the utmost importance.

Whatever awesome qualities the shoes bring to the table, what really matters is whether the adidas CrazyQuick can help your game. And looking at what happened to JW2′s game after switching to them, the results speak for themselves. The only question is whether everyone else will follow Wall’s lead and switch to the CrazyQuicks. The rest of the league has taken notice of Wall, but as long as they haven’t noticed his shoes, Wall will stay ahead of the curve by rocking one of the most effective shoes on the market.

Quick ain’t fair.


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