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Put Some Respek On His Name! Why Did GM’s ‘Pass’ Over John Wall?

The Wizards’ regular season officially begins in six days! As we get near, excitement is growing throughout the league to see: the Warriors try to go undefeated; LeBron and the Cavs repeat; and Russell Westbrook win the MVP in light of Kevin Durant’s departure.

Also happening as the season approaches is the annual GM survey, where each team’s general manager votes on individual award predictions, as well as certain skill sets a player excels at. According to this year’s survey, John Wall is recognized as the second fastest player with the ball in his hands, ranking only behind Russell Westbrook. This is cool, and of no surprise. Wall repeatedly beats defenses down the floor for a flashy finish at the rim, or a kick out pass for an easy three points.

What is surprising, and should have gotten more attention, is that Wall was not voted as one of the top passing players in the league. Not even a runner-up! The top three were: Chris Paul, Lebron James, and Ricky Rubio.


There is no question that Chris Paul is one of the best all time at sharing the ball. However, Wall has repeatedly shown the league that he can pass with the best of ’em. For a career, Wall is averaging 9 assists per game. To put that in perspective, Paul has averaged slightly under 10 for his career. LeBron and Ricky have both averaged less than seven.

Now that all of the stats are out of the way, time for the reality. The game of basketball has turned into a game of flash. The most well known players are the most flashy. Steph Curry, flashy shooter. Blake Griffin, the man dunked over a car for God’s sake! It is for that reason that in the minds of GM’s, LeBron and Rubio are ahead of Wall.

Even though Wall possesses, and most definitely utilizes, flashy passing, he racks up most of his assists in Jock Stockton fashion. Simple and effective:


Wall’s effective passing is what makes him the “Get-Super-Rich-Quick” player he is. Is it disrespect leaving Wall out? Not necessarily. What blows my mind is that Wall was not even considered. Ben Simmons, an unproven rookie (who will likely be out for the season), received more votes. Now that is absurd. John Wall is one of the top point guards in the league. Wall has proven that he is consistent, and constantly getting better. John Wall, and Washington sports in general, are on the up and up. Put some respek’ on John Wall’s name!

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