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Pick number 3, my Lord!

Training camp starts off this weekend/Saturday and three names are circulating around as those who have received invites. Josh Childress is the only well known name of the trio, the others being D’or Fischer and Xavier Silas. You’re ecstatic, I know. Let’s break down these three guys to see who has the best chance of sticking around. We will start with the most recognizable name, just so that I don’t lose you before the 100 word mark.


Josh Childress

If I had to sum him up in one sentence…
Tall…slender…Former Atlanta Hawk…Looks like Affion Crockett + RZA


Twitter handle = “JChillin”

Don’t ask. The Jim Carrey expression just made sense.

Now back to the lecture at hand…Josh Childress had a very promising start to his career with the Atlanta Hawks. He averaged 11.1 ppg and 5.6 rpg in his first four seasons with the Hawks. He was a key role player in all of their short lived but competitive playoff runs. Instead of cashing in on a free agent contract in the NBA, he took his talents to South Greece. Ok, not South Greece, but Greece. After he came back to the NBA he bounced around and never really stuck anywhere. The Suns and Nets were those teams respectively, and he was let go from both of them. The Suns haven’t been exactly oozing with talent recently, so it could be a red flag that he did not make it there. However, they probably had more talent than the Wizards so perhaps Childress could bring something to the table. He’s posted solid shooting percentages throughout his career, with the exception of last season (28.6 percent). His perimeter game is minimal to non-existent and his averages on the glass and on the dish aren’t anything to write home about.


Xavier Silas

If I had to sum him up in one sentence…
He rejected a Jazz training camp invite to join the Wizards training camp…making him the first ever player in historical history to choose the Wizards over someone else in any capacity of life…

Twitter Handle = XavierSilas (original…I like it)

Twitter info = I am a simply complex person who will change the world. @ me for a followback, closed mouths dont get fed.

He’s confident, and logical. Nice.

Down to the nitty grit. Just based on his Twitter info and tweets he looks like a hell of an interview. He is the son of James Silas, therefore, his father was a Silas, and his fathers father was most likely a Silas. Silas (Xavier) averaged 22.3 ppg a game in his senior season at NIU.  He’s played for France, the 76ers, and the Maine Red Claws. The DEA had more information on Heisenberg in Season 2 of Breaking Bad than I could find on this guy via the Internet.  I found more videos of the Blair Witch on YouTube then I found of Silas.  He’s only 25, and comes in at 6’5 200 lbs. Here’s some videos so that you can learn more about him.


D’Or Fischer

If I had to sum him up in one sentence…
6’10…Shot Blocker…human being…I seriously know nothing else about him

Doesn’t have a Twitter handle. Good. No PR disasters.

“Training Camp? Wizards? Yeah…sure. Why not?”

Let’s get down to brass tacks…I like this guy as a fit. I’m crushin’ hard.

WHY, YOU SAY? He fits a need. Singleton is out for now. Okafor is out too. Fischer is a 6’10 shot blocker who would be a good fit. From his game film, he looks like a poor man’s DeAndre Jordan. Do we really want that? Probably not, but a shot blocker/alley-oop target would bring some excitement into the Verizon Center.

Plus, he once had his own block party, with music playing after every block that sounds like something the butler from Mr. Deeds would enjoy.

In conclusion…I will leave you with a quick video to summarize how I feel. I’m gonna pretend the Wizards are Lord Farquaad and hope the rest is history…

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