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News & Notes: Nene, teammates group hug; Martell’s ready; Harrington’s old knees

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards

After their Midwest mission failure, the Wizards are back home and prepping for the Cleveland Cavaliers in what will be the latest chronicle of the John Wall-Kyrie Irving Clashfest.

Here are some news and updates coming out of the Phone Booth, most of it courtesy of insider god, Michael Lee:

– Nene apologized for his choice of words when venting about the team’s lack of production. ICYMI, after the Spurs loss Nene had out the “young players” and challenged them to “get their heads out their butts and play right.” His statements certainly backfired on him, as media and fans questioned his authority to point fingers after he himself had been played so poorly. Nene smartly retracted and recovered, saying:

“What happened a couple days ago was a frustration moment. Everybody here is not happy with the circumstances, I understand nobody is perfect. I’m not perfect. Players are not perfect. We are going to make mistake, but at the end of the day . . . this is my family, this is my teammates, and we go to the war room together. We need to grab each other’s hands and be together. We know what we need to do, we just need to bring it, play hard, play the right way and everything is going to be fine.”

– Trevor Ariza had an MRI done on his strained right hamstring and will “miss a few games” according to coach Wittman. While Ariza’s loss kinda sucks, considering his offensive outburst and efficient defense, it paves the way for Martell Webster to finally return to his familiar role in the starting lineup. ‘Tell’s production has been hampered with the 2nd unit and I’m pretty sure he’s amped for the opportunity to play a more significant role, you know, the one that’s paying him 22 million large.

“I’ve kind of forgotten about everything that’s happened prior to this and I just want to go out and play. I don’t really care about scoring. I understand some nights, I’m going to have a lot of attempts and open looks at the basket. I’ve got to convert those. But I’m not questioning the fact if I get enough shots or not. I don’t care about that. I just want to win.”

– It’s probably time to just man up and face it: Uncle Al’s getting old. At age 33 and a seasoned 15 year vet, Al Harrington will most probably be out of tonight’s game with the same sore knee that sat him out against San Antonio. Harrington stated that the injury is simple “wear and tear” stuff that he (an older player) was expecting.

“I think it’s just a little bit of the wear and tear and stuff I knew I was going to have to deal with anyway. But for the most part, I don’t feel great, and I want to feel great when I’m out there and that’s the best way to help the team.”

With Ariza out, and Harrington virtually ineffective even if he does dress, the Wizards are about as thin as can be in the front court. So thin in fact that all of a sudden, even Chris Singleton’s return has become more coveted than we’d normally imagine. We will also most likely have to brace ourselves for more Jan and Seraphin as well. With the next few games against fairly subpar opponents, and the Wizards scrapping for roster recovery, this will definitely an interesting stretch to see how or IF these guys can overcome this depletion.

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