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Nene barely lasts one game; shelved with a calf injury

ONE game into the new season and Nene is already headed back to a familiar place: the nurse’s office.

Nene apparently suffered some pain in his left calf early in last night’s loss to Detroit. According to CSN Washington’s J. Michael, Nene was seen limping to the locker room after the game. There is nothing definitive as of yet in terms of what exactly caused the injury or how long he may sit. Umair Khan of Bullets Forever posted this Vine video, which shows the shot attempt that apparently triggered the injury. As you can see, there’s not much there at all to depict an injury. This could verily be a case of an aging, worn down body.

A victim of buyer’s remorse in Denver, Nene has been hampered with leg and foot injuries since he’s been in DC and with a chunk of his contract still remaining, we can only hope that he overcomes this latest setback soon. Nene’s injury will most likely expedite Marcin Gorat into the starting lineup, replacing Nene at the 5.

More to come as we hear it.

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