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NBA Schedule Release: What are you looking for?


It’s the night everybody has been waiting for, the time we find out when and where the 82 game season will unfold for the 2013-14 Washington Wizards. It’s NBA Schedule Release Day!!!

Ok, so the NBA release show is nothing compared to the hoopla and excitement that comes with NFL schedule release day, especially because the marquee dates and match ups are reserved for teams with established superstars and rivalries that date back to black and white TV, but still, die hard fans should be excited to see when the Wizards will be hosting the rest of the league and the road they’ll have to take to improve on their 7-34 record away from Verizon Center last year.

National TV hasn’t really been a friend to Washington since Agent Zero was dropping daggers at the Phone Booth, but then again, you can’t quite blame the league considering the lackluster talent that has been present.

The Wizards surely hope that with a healthy John Wall coming off a strong finish to the season, the continued growth of Bradley Beal and the addition of Otto Porter Jr. to the squad, the NBA will decide to give them a little bit of prime-time love.

Wall himself recently said that he believes the Beal/Wall duo to be a Top 5 back-court in the league right now.

With John being the marquee player on the team and clearly the favorite from this roster to join the Eastern Conference All Stars, I’ll be keying in to see when Washington faces Kyrie Irving, Deron Williams, Kemba Walker and Rajon Rondo. On a bigger scale, and games more likely to drive Wall’s fire, be on the lookout for games against the Clippers, Thunder, Spurs, Warriors and Grizzlies — all teams with marquee players at the PG position.

For those in love with the SG position and Beal’s continued progress, be sure to mark down match ups against the Heat, Lakers and Rockets.

Lastly for those on the rookie watch, it’ll be interesting to see how Otto Porter Jr. matches up against LeBron James, Carmelo, Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, Paul George, Rudy Gay and a host of other strong small forwards around the league that will surely put Otto’s to the test.

So, what game are you most excited for?

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