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Michael Vick attended a Wizards game, and was really impressed by John Wall

While partaking in my daily routine of stalking John Wall on social media, I came across a very intriguing exchange between him and one time NFL great Michael Vick, and it sparked several thoughts in my head about the vast meaningful similarities between the two. The one and done college careers followed by becoming the top draft pick in their respective leagues; the dynamically unstoppable speed; the bona fide ability to wreck an entire defense single-handedly.

I really hate that I have to feel some type of way drawing up this topic of comparison after the way Colin Coward (yes, I spelled that correctly) drew it up a few years ago. You know, when Coward spewed his horseshit take-down of Wall, and as part of it used Vick as an example of what John was or would become: a guy who lacked character and who’d never become a champion blah blah. Of course, I do agree that some of the things that involved Vick shouldn’t end up as a similarity to Wall, like Vick’s career story of perpetually falling short of world championship appearances or the way Vick’s career has dwindled into a state of complete regression. I’m also pretty confident that Wall wouldn’t electrocute a poodle. F Colin Coward, though.

Donning the guise of Moses: John Wall and Michael Vick, splitting D’s.

To be quite honest, having Mike Vick, a guy that is sometimes even considered legendary for his past performances on the playing field, admit that John Wall gave him the kind of impression where he can only “Lol” in a speechlessness kind of way is just awesome to see. Furthermore, it says a ton about the greatness of Wall as it relates to athleticism and dominance, Colin Coward’s opinions be gotdamned. This isn’t about character, or about past off-the-field issues. It’s not about ‘ringzzz’ or the lack thereof. It’s simply about one established world-class athlete offering a public token of respect to another.

John’s earning his stripes and earning his believers one..err..many basketball fans at a time. Today, we are assured one of those fans are Michael Vick, and that’s a great thing.

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