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Martell Webster releases a new single, and it’s not half bad

If you were unaware as I was, be aware now that Wizards wingman Martell Webster is also a rapper.

Dropping on my Twitter timeline this afternoon was a link to his newly released track “Exposed”, produced by a small Washington State-based record label named London Tone Music Group.

The song is actually not bad at all if you have no expectations, which you shouldn’t. It’s got a strong hip-hop beat, the delivery is solid, and the lyrics offer some substance.

Without any opening ad libs or intro to open up the song, ‘Tell gets right into the track, venting about entertainers who sell their soul for ratings and about a world absorbed in propaganda. Having been around Martell quite often since he’s been in DC and noticing his intelligence, it’s not a surprise to me that he’d take this route in terms of song topic.

Martell even blessed us with a decent punchline in the second verse, fittingly using NBA teams: “..I got heart like a ‘Pacer’, but I ain’t catchin’ ‘Heat’ from none of you M.I.A. haters..”

With Webster averaging just 2.0 points per game and shooting 1-for-8 from downtown in 8 games this season, it’s safe to say the most of his production this year has come from inside the recording studio (that’s also a punchline). No, really, though. You need to bounce back on the court soon, Martell. The Wizards offense needs to balance out some of these long 2 attempts with some made 3’s the same way you balance that nice flow on the beat and BAM, there I go again.

Anyway, check out the song for yourself here:

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