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Le Crochet de Ciel: Is Kevin Seraphin’s hook shot the most unstoppable move in the NBA today?

Le Crochet de Ciel, when translated from French to English becomes: the sky hook.

I started noticing the phenomenon on December 5th, 2014. There was a lunatic Wizards fan somewhere in the 100 level of the Verizon Center. I don’t know who he was or where he sat. All I remember is the screams. “HOOK!! SHOOT THE HOOK!!…THERE IT IS!!”

Every time Kevin Seraphin touched the ball, I heard the scream, and probably everyone in the 100 levels heard him too. Shoot, maybe even the nose bleeds heard him once he got a full crew following his lead. And on that night, that hook was unstoppable. Seraphin shot 8-12 from the field for 16 points, and it felt like every basket came by way of the Frenchman’s hook shot.

That’s when I started watching closer. Night after night, in his 10-15 minutes of play, Seraphin would go to that hook shot, and every night it seemed like it was dropping. He’d miss some jumpers. He’d miss some layups. But that hook shot? It felt like every time, the defender was toast. (French…toast….get it…never mind…)

So just how good is the Kevin Seraphin hook shot? The answer will shock you.

If you think about the most skilled big men in the game today, several guys come to mind, and all of them utilize the hook shot in their repertoire, to some degree. Below is a list of several of the top big men in the league, and their shooting percentage on hook shots, as well as their total shooting percentage, and total hook shots attempted this season, per Basketball-Reference.com*.

· Demarcus Cousins: 68% on Hook Shots. 48% FG. 28 Hook Shots attempted.

· LaMarcus Aldridge: 60% on Hook Shots. 46% FG. 35 Hook Shots attempted.

· Tim Duncan: 55% on Hook Shots. 48% FG. 22 Hook Shots attempted.

· Al Horford: 53% on Hook Shots. 54% FG. 55 Hook Shots attempted.

· Anthony Davis: 53% on Hook Shots. 56% FG. 15 Hook Shots attempted.

· Pau Gasol: 50% on Hook Shots. 48% FG. 88 Hook Shots attempted.

· Brook Lopez: 49% on Hook Shots. 50% FG. 76 Hook Shots attempted.

· Marc Gasol: 46% on Hook Shots. 50% FG. 48 Hook Shots attempted.

· Andrew Bogut: 46% on Hook Shots. 54% FG. 39 Hook Shots attempted.

· Dwight Howard: 40% on Hook Shots. 57% FG. 92 Hook Shots attempted. (40%???? C’mon Dwight!! It’s year ELEVEN!!)

· Blake Griffin: 39% on Hook Shots. 50% FG. 79 Hook Shots attempted.

As for Kevin Seraphin’s Hook Shot stats:

· Kevin Seraphin: 72% on Hook Shots. 55% FG. 62 Hook Shots attempted.

Wait What??? Let’s see that again, in ALL bold text:

· Kevin Seraphin: 72% on Hook Shots. 55% FG. 62 Hook Shots attempted.

Seventy-Two percent?? That’s incredible! And we can’t just chalk it up to a small sample size! Seraphin’s total number of hook shots attempted is comparable to or largely surpasses every player on that list, despite playing far less minutes and attempting far less shots. So not only does Seraphin shoot the hook shot at a MUCH higher percentage than all of the best bigs in the league, but he smartly resorts to it as his shot of choice far more regularly.

Now, are there some reasonable reasons to doubt Seraphin’s Hook shot greatness? Of course. He doesn’t get doubled every night. He doesn’t get game planned for every night. And he isn’t guarded by the other team’s best interior defender every night.

But still, SEVENTY-TWO PERCENT. That is impressive. And other bigs in the league should take notes. Imagine if Dwight Howard had Seraphin’s hook shot. Imagine Anthony Davis (who already plays at an insanely efficient level) adding Seraphin’s hook shot. Maybe Seraphin should replace Hakeem Olajuwon as the go-to offseason big man to learn from.

So, the most unstoppable moves in the league? The Steph Curry step-back 3. The Dirk one-legged jumper. The Tony Parker floater. The LeBron Drive. (I do not consider dunks as a “move.” For a player to dunk, the move to create the dunk has already been made. Timofey Mozgov may disagree. After what Kevin Durant did a few games ago, Marcin Gortat may disagree too). It’s time to add the “French Hook” to the conversation.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the data isolating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s hook shot, or we might be debating the most unstoppable move of all time.

And whoever that lunatic fan was…maybe he’s not so crazy. In fact, whenever Kevin Seraphin touches the ball, let’s ALL start screaming “SHOOT THE HOOK!!!” Because chances are, he’s making it.

We don’t say this too often in the Nation’s Capital, but maybe there is something great we can learn from the French after all. Merci.

*As of January 23rd, 2015.

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