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Kris Humphries already impressed with Wizards backcourt

Hey Wizards fans, to hell with what Dion Waiters says or thinks! Wizards new power forward Kris Humphries touted his new backcourt teammates following Tuesday’s practice on the Verizon Center main floor, praising Bradley Beal’s shooting ability and John Wall’s leadership.

As Wizards training camp got underway this week, returning players had plenty on-court meet and greets with the newcomers and that included Humphries getting to know his new backcourt a bit better. After practice on Tuesday, Humphries was asked if anything in particular stood out to him with some of his new teammates he may had faced against in years previous.

Humprhies admittedly said he didn’t know a whole lot about Bradley Beal given Beal’s short time in the league but spoke highly of his shooting skills. In the four games Humphries has played against the Wizards with Beal on the active roster (2 with Brooklyn, 2 with Boston), Beal averaged just 11 points in those games and made just three of his 10 three-point attempts.

On Beal:

“I hadn’t seen a ton of Bradley Beal because, you know, he’s a younger guy in this league. You know, I’m impressed with his shooting ability and the fact that guys can’t go under screens on him.”

Interestingly, Humphries pointed out a key observance of his in Beal’s game (that most of us consider obvious) and that’s the fact that giving Beal any kind of space – especially off pick and rolls – can be detrimental to the defense. Apparently Beal has done enough damage already to catch Kris’ attention.

On Wall:

Humprhies’ impression of Wall wasn’t much of a surprise either. Humprhies gloated over Wall’s leadership and expressiveness in practice.

“John’s been great. He’s a leader. Real positive. I didn’t know him that well going in so I didn’t know what to expect.”

Humphries also had some good things to say about Glen Rice, Jr.:

“The younger guys get here early. We all get here early but Glen Rice was here at like 7 o’clock this morning and practice doesn’t start til 11. So I love to see that.”

So there you have it. Kris Humphries, an 11-year vet who’s practically seen it all having played with the likes of backcourt leaders like Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, and Jason Kidd, now already in full admiration of his new young backcourt. Definitely a token of pleasure for Wizards fans.

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