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John Wall wins Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Are you surprised?


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Upon receiving the memo from Wizards PR regarding John Wall’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week award, a particular sound bite of Jordan Crawford’s came to mind instantly.

“…you surprised?”

And yes, I understand it may seem oxymoronic and borderline irreverent of me to use a Jordan Crawford plug to describe a reaction to John Wall’s success. But for the context at hand it’s a good plug and a concise one. You shouldn’t be surprised.

We’ve basically gotten past the point of spewing the same regurgitated summation of John Wall’s path and arrival to NBA stardom. And the reason being exactly how I ended the last sentence: his arrival to NBA stardom. Of course, reaching this career juncture doesn’t mark the end of his growth as a player – hell, he’s only 24 – but it has finally defined him as an elite figure at his position and nothing is more of a testament to that than his team’s current success.

The Wizards are 17-6 overall, have a 12-2 record at home, and were 4-0 this past week in the games which Wall performed at level high enough to to earn this honor.

So what exactly stood out this past week? Let’s take a look.

  • On December 8, Wall tallied a career-high 17 assists and scored the Wizards’ final 10 points in double overtime to defeat the Celtics at the Verizon Center. After the game, his buddy Marcin Gortat reaffirmed his thoughts regarding who the best point guard in the league is.

  • Then there was the thriller at Disney World. Although it was the Miller-to-Beal buzzer beating lob and lay-in that upended the Magic, Wall was the most consistent guy on the floor for most of the game. Just another night, just another double-double. 21 points, 11 assists, six rebounds, a steal, and several plays like this one:

  • Ahh, the Point Guard Classic between Wall and the world’s favorite, Chris Paul. Wall only managed 10 points that night, but his 11 assists drove the Wizards’ offense, and his two blocks and one steal only scratched the surface of how good his defense was, especially on CP3.

  • Perhaps the spin move that turned Jamal Crawford into a ballerina was also noted by Player of the Week voters.

  • And finally, last night’s game against the Jazz. Wall became the first player since 2007 to record at least 16 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 blocks in one game. He also turned Rudy Gobert into a statue with his signature hesitation move, patented to perfection.

There’s no surprise that John earned his fourth career Player of the Week honor. The same way there’s no surprise that the Wizards floss a 17-6 record, are winners of eight of their last nine and have become a dominance at home .. because of John Wall. There’s no surprise that John Wall is tied for the most double-doubles recorded this season. There’s also no surprise that John Wall has totaled the most assists in the league and is second in assists per game. There’s no surprise he is a lock for a second straight All-Star selection and there’s no surprise he’s in early MVP conversations. Okay, okay fine a slight surprise there, maybe.

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