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John Wall still has plenty of naysayers, and they’re expressively stupid

No ad libs in this forthcoming rant.

Folks, please, save us from the naysaying of John Wall’s otherworldly basketball talents just because “he was playing the Sixers.” Save us from aimlessly discounting Wall’s prowess as a floor general and save us from your disregard for his offensive savagery because “it’s not that special” or, “I’ve seen so-and-so do it better.” Just can the nonsense. Can it because your foolishness and indiscretion glares through your keyboard, and it’s diminishing your validity as a basketball fan. It’s also losing whatever comedic value it once had.

Pardon my snarky demeanor, but I’m just annoyed. I’m annoyed at fans on social media who remain so dismissive of John Wall despite his glowing surge into NBA superstardom this season. I’m annoyed that, for the sake of simply one-upping and arguing against good opinions, fans continue to mindlessly type any shitty comment in an attempt to demand their self-appointed scholarship of the sport. It sickens me actually.

Just check out some of the comments on this Dime Magazine Facebook post glorifying Wall’s 40 foot no-look pass to Marcin Gortat. The caption asked: “How many players other than Washington Wizards superstar John Wall could make this pass?” That’s when keyboard cowboys suddenly became professional basketball players:

“Actually im sure most people who arent a tard could”
Why, yes. Yes, the ONLY thing that could bar anyone from making a pass like this is being mentally or physically disabled. Wonderful take. I would also hammer this guy about his sore disbelief in punctuation but I can understand that no one really cares for apostrophes when your fingertips are coated with a combination of hand lotion and Dorito dust.

“Umm me for a start. It wasn’t exactly a hard pass, passing to a 7 ft tall player in an open lane with no one with in 10ft of him.”
Believe that this basketball genius never touched one in his life.

“..ok, do I have to be the only one to point out the fact that his “no look” pass had him staring off into the crowd and not at an actual passing option? Who would even fall for that?”
WUT. Wall’s “..no look pass had him staring off into the crowd and not at an actual passing option..” I don’t even know what this person is trying to point out. Just blurting out a paradox comprised of random basketball terms.

The absurdity is blinding, but enabling the free people of the world to spew any random thought is something I’ve always knocked social media for since its creation. Alas, the social media era is the time we live in, and we’re all indefensible against it.

But now that I’ve gotten in my feelings, let me get over my feelings and express how nice it is to see people who really matter say nicer things about Wall, like Zach Lowe in the latest edition of Grantland’s “Basketball Hour.” Labeling him a “hoops intellectual” in this segment, Lowe breaks down Wall’s passing mastery and exalts him for his athleticism and manipulation of defenses.

Here’s the video from ESPN.com:

Even the contingents of the paid media industry Zach represents have been criminally baffling with their ideology as it pertains to the success or failure of John Wall. John Feinstein called him the 4th best player..on the WIZARDS. Jason Reid once said Wall would never prosper because he has a tattoo on his chest. Colin Cowherd doesn’t deserve a spec of my Internet bandwidth and neither does Skip Bayless.

But Lowe, an incredibly respected writer and analyst of the NBA and its players, has been a devout contrarian to Wall critics. Hearing him offer his veneration for our beloved point guard amid the unfortunate stupidity of his counterparts is always a treat. So thank you, Zach!

I’ll now close out with what I originally brainstormed for this post and that’s to show you four incredible plays by John Wall from yesterday against the Sixers, the opinions of so-called Internet savants be damned.

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