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John Wall and the false forecast

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It was a warm August night, and the stage was set. Fresh off of signing a contract extension, a young Wizard decided to celebrate. It was at a place where the beer flowed like Cristal, and the women instinctively flock to American currency like the salmon of Capistrano. Millions of dollars floated around, kind of like if the beneficiaries of Steve Jobs’ will and estate were not designated during his time on Earth. A large amount of cash suspended in air with no owner. Misogynistic rap music played in the background as the young Wizard was joined by Pac-Man Jones, Alex Rodriguez, and Ivan Drago. As “Straight out of Cashville” blasted through the speakers…

That’s what you imagined right? Well it was more like this….

Like Fabolous said…
“When we was making it rain, you wasn’t drizzling yet…”

I’m not saying John Wall can’t “make it rain”, because there’s a contract agreement that holds detail to the contrary. What I am saying is, this video looks nothing worse than how I’ve seen some people make their deposits at the bank. John Wall is a young and talented guy who just signed a lucrative contract. He celebrated it by throwing some money in the air and by getting a few tattoos. Call the Washington Police Department and Fire Marshall Bill.

The media have turned into weathermen that tell the “forecast” after the day has ended, and they still didn’t get it right. This time their recall was a flash flood when it was four drops of rain. I hope nobody cancelled their outdoor patio brunch reservations at Boqueria (try it by the way, their Spanish tapas are to die for).

Aren’t there more important things for us to report on in the news? Like Miley Cyrus twerking on Beetlejuice?

Why do I have to read about his tattoos? What he chooses to do to his own body is just that, his choice.  Apparently, getting a tattoo makes you a thug or a criminal these days.

When the Carolina Panthers were ready to draft Cam Newton, the owner Jerry Richardson told him they would only go through with it if he promised not to get any tattoos or piercings. Sure, I understand that if Cam Newton wants to be apart of an organization he should adhere to their rules. However, do all of the Carolina Panthers NOT have tattoos? Will the Carolina Panthers only draft players without tattoos for the foreseeable future? Should franchise players like Cam Newton and John Wall have different expectations for the things that they are doing to their bodies in contrast to other players on the team? Who cares what John Wall does in his off time as long as his game is on point, it’s not like he’s Andray Blatche?

Just some food for thought, I’ll let you do the dishes.

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