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Why John Wall is Better Than Your Point Guard, Part II

The great 16 time WWE champion and 2 time WWE Hall of Famer, The Nature Boy Ric Flair once said, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.”

To behold the coveted title belt of “Best Point Guard Alive,” you have to take on all challengers. John Wall is 15-0 so far (if you missed Part 1, featuring Ty Lawson, Deron Williams, Jeff Teague, and more, click here).

Let the battle continue!

Round 16: Brandon Knight vs. John Wall

Brandon Knight is a very good NBA point guard. This season, he is leading a surprising Milwaukee Bucks team to a playoff berth. His numbers:

  • 17.7 PPG, 5.3 APG, 1.7 SPG

Those are very good numbers. I have nothing bad to say about 2014-2015 Brandon Knight. Some people (mostly Milwaukee fans) would say he deserves to be an All-Star. But no one (not even Milwaukee fans) would say he’s better than John Wall.

He does, however, do a good “impression” of John Wall. So there’s that. See Vine caption below.

Winner: John Wall (Milwaukee fans agree)

Round 17: Ricky Rubio vs. John Wall

In the last four seasons, Ricky Rubio has played 41, 57, 82, and 8 (out of a possible 50) games. He has suffered a torn ACL. He can’t shoot. I admit, he sure as hell can pass. He has a career record of 82-106.

With that said, here is a list of some point guards who will be making less money than Ricky Rubio’s 12.4 million dollars next season: Steph Curry, Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague, Jrue Holiday, Kemba Walker, Mike Conley, Damian Lillard. $12.4 million…..for Ricky Rubio….Good job Timberwolves! I hope you’re happy with a point guard that is happy to get you more highlights per season than wins! We’ll take our 15.9 million dollar point guard next season instead. He gets us highlight AND wins!

Winner: John Wall, and his superior income

Round 18: Michael Carter-Williams vs. John Wall


Michael Carter-Williams last year: 16.7 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 6.3 apg, 1.9 spg, 3.5 turnovers, 41% FG, 26% 3FG, 70% FT.

Michael Carter-Williams this year: 15.0 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 7.4 apg, 1.5 spg, 4.2 turnovers, 38% FG, 26% 3FG, 64% FT

I don’t know about you, but I like my point guards to get better at basketball after their rookie seasons, not worse.

Winner (assuming you like winning):John Wall

Round 19: Darren Collison vs. John Wall

I’m not even going to give you the stats here. If you follow NBA basketball on any level, you are already fully aware that we have a 5 year track record that clearly establishes that Darren Collison is not in the same stratosphere as John Wall. Collison, at his best, is a starter on a bad team, and a backup on a good team. John Wall is a starter on an All-Star team. Enough said.

Winner: John Wall

Round 20: Trey Burke and Dante Exum vs. John Wall


It’s disrespectful to John Wall to even entertain the thought of having this conversation. So we won’t.

Winner: John Wall

Round 21: Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic vs. John Wall

Bledsoe and Dragic are an awesome 1-2 combination. One is explosive, one knocks down jumpers. One plays tremendous defense. One changes his pace to infuriate defenses. One pushes the pace to infuriate defenses.

Well, the Wizards have two point guards who combine to do the same thing. John Wall is explosive, John Wall knocks down jumpers. John Wall plays tremendous defense. John Wall changes his pace to infuriate defenses. John Wall pushes the pace to infuriate defenses. Andre Miller watches.

Winner: John Wall and Andre Miller

Round 22: Derrick Rose vs. John Wall

Remember when Derrick Rose was an MVP and John Wall wasn’t living up to expectations? Well, now there’s this:


Winner: John Wall’s Legs

Round 23: Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall

First, let’s agree that both John Wall and Kyrie Irving began their careers playing for bad teams, without a lot of reliable help. With that said, Kyrie Irving has managed a career average of 6 assists per game, compared to 9 assists per game for John Wall. Additionally, Kyrie Irving has managed a career win percentage, without Lebron, of 35%. John Wall has managed a career win percentage, without LeBron, of 44%. John Wall looks at his teammates, good or bad, and says “lets get this.” Kyrie looks at his teammates, good or bad, and says “I’m gonna get MINE.”

Winner: #OptimusDime (and his teammates)

Round 24: Tony Parker vs. John Wall

Tony Parker, John Wall

In years past, this would’ve been a battle. But this year?

Tony Parker: 14 PPG, 5 APG.

Combine those average numbers with the fact that he’s French, and you have your winner.

Winner: Number Deux, John Wall

Round 25: Kyle Lowry vs. John Wall

Now THIS is a battle! Almost every case you make for John Wall being the best point guard in the NBA can be made for Kyle Lowry almost as strongly. Team leader. Great offensively. Great defensively. Keeps their teammates involved. Takes over games in the clutch. Heart and soul of their team. All-Star starters. Lowry can shoot 3s. Wall can set them up. Both play for winning teams. Look at these numbers:

Wall: 17.4 points, 10.2 assists, 2.0 steals, 4.4 rebounds. Team: 31-20

Lowry: 19.0 points, 7.3 assists, 1.6 steals, 4.8 rebounds. Team: 33-17

Hmm. I love the 10.2 assists, but still, that’s close. Let’s try looking at this another way:


Well when you put it that way: USA!  USA!  USA!!!!

Winner: John Wall, point guard of our Nation’s Capital’s Washington Wizards!

Round 26: Damian Lillard vs. John Wall

This Lillard guy is a problem. Like Curry, this match-up is about styles. Lillard’s explosive scoring vs. John Wall’s explosive all-around game. Lillard scores 22 per game, to Wall’s 17. Wall dishes 10.2 assists, to LIllard’s 6.3, etc. The problem is, when you ask a Portland fan if their guy can do this (insert any awesome Wall thing), Lillard fans respond with, “can your guy do this?”

That was the first walk-off-series-winning-game-winner in 14 years!!

Both guys are 24. Both guys were born in 1990, fittingly making them thoroughbred horses according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. But guess what? John Wall may not have hit a shot like that, but he also doesn’t do this:

Defense wins championships! Shots fired! (And probably scored on Damian Lillard)

Winner: John Wall!!

Round 27: Russell Westbrook vs. John Wall:

We could get into a statistical debate involving field goal percentages, player efficiency ratings, points vs assists, etc. This debate would never end. We could get into a philosophical debate about making your teammates better, whether a point guard should lead his team in shots (more than Kevin Durant!!), if your point guard should get everyone involved or lead by example, etc. This debate would never end. OR we could settle this argument like this:


AND there’s also THIS:

Seriously Russell, wtf?!

Winner: John Wall swag.

Round 28: Chris Paul vs. John Wall

Noted Grantland creator and Clippers season ticket holder Bill Simmons has repeatedly stated that Chris Paul consistently takes nights off. Now, I understand that Paul is in his 9th season, and that he’s fought through a number of injuries. Still…

For a guy who’s touted as such a great “leader” and such a great “teammate,” I consider it a major problem when you coast through large portions of games, or entire games, while your team is running the gauntlet of the Western Conference. I get even more turned off when that same player rips into teammates for their lack of effort or execution, despite his own obvious lack of nightly effort.

When Chris Paul does bring it, he can still BRING IT. But too often, it looks like Cliff Paul is out there instead of Chris Paul. Which brings me to my biggest beef: Argyle?? It’s 2015 Chris or Cliff or whoever you are!! Who wears Argyle in 2015?! Chris Paul, you’re better than that!

On the flip side, there’s John Wall.  Never calling out a teammate, never sitting out a game, and diving into the crowd while suffering from migraine headaches.  And NOT wearing argyle.  THAT’s a leader.

Winner: Captain John Wall

Round 29: Steph Curry vs. John Wall


This fight is all about a match-up of styles. Steph Curry’s fluid and dynamic assassin’s arsenal vs. John Wall’s explosive athleticism and 360 degree court awareness. Curry scores 23 per game, to Wall’s 17. Wall dishes 10.2 assists, to Curry’s 8.2. Curry attempts 44% of his shots from behind the 3-point line. John Wall attempts 83% of his shots from inside the 3-point line. Curry’s team is infinitely better offensively with him in the game on offense. Wall’s team is infinitely better defensively with him in the game. But I ask you Curry fan: Can your guy do this?

Or this?


Winner: In the closest round yet, John Wall!!


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

In the Battle Royal of NBA point guards, after taking on all challengers, your winner, by a count of 29-0, and the undisputed* NBA point guard Champion of the Wooooooorld: John Wall !! Wooo! (Ric Flair In the case, the “W” is for “Wall”)

*For disputes, comments, feedback: tweet me @aIRFAN_2. Best responses will be used in future columns, previews, etc.

Enjoy the All-Star Break!

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