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If Otto Isn’t There, Alex Len Should Be

The Wizards must choose Otto Porter if he is available with the #3 pick. I’m sure Ernie already knows what he wants, but in my opinion, he must pull the trigger. Needless to say, EG has earned quite a margin of criticism for his past moves, but with a decent move in this year’s draft, he could continue making up for it. If it isn’t Porter selected, then Nerlens Noel or even Alex Len would be the next on my board.  Yes, the one and only, Maryland’s finest, Alex Len.

Noel or Len would not be a bad pick at all. Noel is a freak of nature, despite his injury and rather thin size. People must have forgot that Kevin Garnett was skinnier coming out of college and people also forgot that Tim Duncan wasn’t as big as he is now. They will grow and get bigger. It’s only about timing. Only problem is, Noel probably will not make it to #3.  He will probably go #1 or #2 for sure.

Len would be also good fit. It’s not every day you can acquire a 7-footer who is  as athletic as he is.  He’s got raw talent along with a few post moves so hopefully he’d be considered as well. While Anthony Bennett is a good player, who wants another 6`7 undersized power forward again? Not I.  Wiz Kids do not need another Trevor Booker.  As much as Bennett is considered a great offensive threat, he lacks defense and does not hustle.  Actually, he is pretty lazy when it comes to rebounding so I am not much of a fan of his. While Bennett is productive off the pick and pop, but so is Len.

Speaking of the pick and pop, John Wall has made it clear that he would love to have a big man that can do that with him.  Right now on this current roster, there is potentially one or two a player who could do that now but are not the answers for the future of this franchise.  John is the franchise; he’s the face of basketball in this city.  Does Ernie listen to his best player? Because think about it, if Porter isn’t a “pick and pop” player, then do the Wizards continue on?  He’s a true small forward with the versatility of playing 3 different positions in the NBA: point guard, shooting guard or small forward. He is definitely a need for this Wizards team and he’s ready to play now.  He is not a project where we must wait 3-5 years (I hate you Kwame Brown).

The Wizards may not have Nene and or Okafor much longer after this season.  According to HoopsHype.com, Okafor is slated to earn $14.5 million and Nene is slated for $13 million this year alone.  They are the present and not the future. Who knows what happens, they both could be traded, making way for a new young crop.

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