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How Stephen Curry got the sparks flowing, before catching fire against the Wizards

How Stephen Curry got the sparks flowing, before catching fire against the Wizards (and everyone else).


Stephen Curry has become a nationwide phenomenon. The 6’2” kid from Davidson, once considered a risky prospect, and a role player at best, is now placed with LeBron James in the conversation of “best player in the NBA.” He has brought an electric atmosphere to his home arena in Oakland, and is now the main attraction at every arena he walks into. He has turned “heat checks” in to high percentage shots.

Last night at the Verizon Center was no different.

And Steph did not disappoint. He dropped 32 points worth of fireballs on the Wizards, leading the Warriors to a 114-107 win. During the game, he put in work. But it was before the game, when Stephen Curry went through his pregame warmup routine, that we see where Steph gets the sparks started.

I managed to capture Stephen Curry’s entire pregame warmup. So for all you kids out there who want to be the next Stephen Curry, or all you adults who just want to know how the best shooter in the world gets warmed up, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy!

First, Stephen Curry starts with a little 2-ball ball handling (no jokes, too easy).

Next, Curry mixes a little passing into his ball handling drills.

Then, a few little scoop shots from the left…

…And a few from the right. (Yup, he really does practice this stuff)

Next comes a few floaters.

Now Curry starts on the what he’s known for, stroking jumpers.

And then stroking some threes.

More threes and jumpers moving around the arc.

And now a few off the dribble jumpers from distance.

Then Curry pauses for a little cheer from the crowd.

We pause while he pauses: What surprised me most was the pace of Steph’s warm-up. He went quickly through each portion, just a few reps, so that it felt almost random. Sometimes he’d toss in a few dribbles, or put a little juke on a teammate. It didn’t feel systematic, but the complete opposite. Ray Allen would’ve been appalled. Just goes to show you there’s many ways to be a great player. Back to the warm-up!

Finally, Steph finishes off the warm-up with a few free throws…

…but finishes off the session with a little crowd interaction.

So there you have it. That’s how the NBA’s ultimate fireballer gets the sparks to start the fire started, courtesy of Hoop District.

As for how his warm-up translates to his game. Well, unfortunately, we’ve got that for you too:

Remember this?

During the game, he did this:

And remember this?

In the game he did this:

And this:

And remember these little scoop shots?

Well, they turned in to this:

And they turned in to this game sealing dagger:

So next time you watch Stephen Curry, and you find yourself shaking your head, tearing out your hair, and tossing your remote in frustration and disbelief, remember, he really does practice this stuff. When you want to scream, “how the F&$@ does he do that???” remember that he’s done it hundreds of times before with no one watching. And if you’re a kid, and you want to throw fire like Stephen Curry, now you know where to start. Now get to work!

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