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House of Guards: Who’s in Charge?

With offseason drama surrounding the young Wizards backcourt, a power struggle was created by the media. End game situations; their on-court relationship; and who is an all-around better player were all instilled in the minds of fans. Good news is, the media blew it out of proportion, and we’re seeing that as the season drags on.

So the question begs, who is really in charge of the #HouseOfGuards?

Let’s start with some background information. Everybody knows you start a house with a good foundation. Who is the foundation of this Wizards franchise? Ask anyone, and they will tell you John Wall is the best player on the team. At the young age of 20, Wall came straight out of Kentucky and proved himself to be the highest impact player on the Wizards. Throughout his career, Wall has averaged an impressive 18 points, 9 assists, and 5 boards per game. That is some elite point guard play. However, Wall plays for a DC team, so it really does not matter.

So now you need the rest of your house to build on your foundation. Along comes Bradley Beal, and we have your House of Guards. After a decent rookie season where he averaged 13 points a night, Bradley Beal added an outside threat to his game. We all know Wall is not the best 3-point shooter, and even though he’s improved from that range, we would all rather him go be John Wall and get to the rim (like at the end of regulation in the Thunder game cough cough). Anyway…. Beal then struggled with injuries and never played more than 65 games in a season. After a minor injury bug earlier this season, we are now seeing a comfortable Brad Beal playing the best he ever has. In four of the last six games, Beal has surpassed the 30 point mark. Not to mention hitting a career high seven shots from deep in a game.

Now back to business. Who is in charge? If you asked me this two weeks ago, I would have said Wall without hesitation. Today, I would say no one is in charge. Now more than ever, there is truly a House of Guards leading this young team. Neither John nor Brad is better than the other; they have two completely different styles of play and they have proven how much those different styles compliment each other. While Wall is known to take a high volume of shots towards the end of the game, he is a point guard first. There is a reason he averages 9 assists a game. His first look is to get the ball to the open man, usually Beal, and into the hoop. It is a cooperative deal for the Wizards. Both players are young and have a high volume of talent, no player is “better” or “more important” than the other. They just impact the game differently.

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