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Hoop District’s Wizards Best Smile Tournament, Round 1

Man! The Wizards sure are’t giving us a lot to smile about these days. The All-Star break was over a while ago, but considering this current 5-game slide it’s been unclear game whether the team knows that or not.

But let’s try to be positive! The players spent the All-Star break smiling at big city parties, Bahamas beaches, or home on their couches. Everyone should be rested, rejuvenated, and ready for a post All-Star Break playoff push, even if they’re a few games late (I’m trying here).

And us fans?! Look at the bright side! LeBron just came to town for an exhibition. Steph Curry came to town. John Wall is in town every night. The Wizards are going to be in the playoffs. They might even be hosting a playoff series (keep hope alive!) There’s still a lot to smile about (As you can see, I’m REALLY trying here).

So, in honor of happy thoughts and positive energy, Hoop District has put together a little Wizards competition of our own to try to help generate some smiles! Without further adieu, we present The Hoop District Washington Wizards Best Smile Championship*!


  • Players will be placed into 4 separate groups. Only the top scorer from each group will advance out of the group stage to the Final Four.
  • We will be consulting a professional dentist/huge Wizards fan from the Laurel, MD area, who prefers to remain anonymous.
  • We will be consulting a beautiful 26 year old DC professional woman, because no one judges wealthy, young, famous men quite like young women.
  • Smiles will be scored on 4 separate categories, from 1-5, to achieve a cumulative total score for the group stage (Championship round match-ups will be evaluated head-to-head).
  • Fans will determine the championship winner via Online and Twitter fan voting!

*The smiles we use are not necessarily the players “best” smile. According to our DDS consultant: “often times a person’s smile when they pose for a picture is much different than the smile they flash naturally in conversation or moments of joy. Similarly, a player may pose differently for a media session vs. a commercial vs. a photo with fans.” The photos we have chosen may or may not be the best reflection of the subject involved.

Say cheese!

Group A: The Bigs.



First Impression: What a smile! This guy just looks like a happy, fun loving, energetic guy. No surprise he’s from Brazil. Score: 5

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Great smile. Full crowns of the central incisors are visible without any excess gingival exposure. The canines form the turn of the smile perfectly, without overexposure or underexposure of the posterior teeth. There is no sign of overstressing the facial muscles. The occlusal plane appears perfectly perpendicular, and the incisors are centered with the philtrum. He has no significant crowding, spacing, or shifting. Based on this photo, in which we can see a small amount of the lower teeth, Nene has both the ideal overjet and overbite. Generally, in the so-called “perfect” smile, we would see less of the lower teeth, but we can tell that Nene is posing for this photo, so the smile is likely slightly exaggerated. As a general rule, without practice, a person’s ‘pose for the camera’ smile is slightly exaggerated, or underexposing, or stressed, compared to their natural smile. If you imagine this “pose” smile as a more natural smile, this is your early favorite. Score: 5

DDS Shade Analysis: As a rule, the teeth should be no whiter than the white’s of the eyes. Many people want the whitest teeth possible, but there is “too white.” Natural teeth tend to also coordinate with natural complexion. You want white, but you want natural also.

For Nene, his teeth do have a good, natural look. However, they could likely be a shade or two whiter and still appear natural. Score: 4

What women say: “Mmmm, he’s super cool.” Score: 5

Smile Score: 19/20

Marcin Gortat

unnamed (1)

First Impression: A Mohawk!…Oh right..his smile…he looks like a nice guy, but is that as big as his smile gets? Score: 3

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Gortat is an interesting case. This picture doesn’t tell the whole story. First, what we can see: Clinical crowns of central incisors only partially visible, with overlapping upper lip. His smile is very narrow, with limited tooth exposure. Teeth are nicely centered with philtrum. No signs of significant spacing or crowding. However, plane of smile is slanted, with a small tilt causing more tooth exposure on the right side or Gortat’s smile compared to his left.

There’s a lot we can’t see here, which is both good and bad. Gortat’s smile in the picture below looks very natural. This indicates that to create more crown exposure, something that would be considered more of an ‘ideal’ smile, Marcin would have to increase his facial muscle exertion past it’s normal comfort level. As a result, you would be likely to see signs of stress and tension in Gortat’s face, compromising the natural look of his smile. Additionally, it would move the resting position of his upper lip, again, compromising the natural look, and possibly hurting his esthetics. There’s a lot to be said for a natural, comfortable, imperfect smile vs. an artificial looking ‘ideal’ smile. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: Great match of the whites of the teeth with the whites of the eyes. Too bad we don’t see this smile at all in 4th quarters anymore. Score: 5

What women say: “He looks like a happy James Bond villain.” Score: 3

Smile Score: 14/20

Kevin Seraphin

unnamed (2)

First impression: He looks like a nice guy. Kinda shy. Score: 3

DDS Clinical Evaluation: This guy has the type of smile that probably flashes great when he laughs, but lacks a little something in his ‘pose’ smile. His upper lip appears relaxed, but covers a small percentage of the cervical portion of the crowns of his central incisors. The left side of his lip droops slightly, giving his smile a slanted appearance. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: He’s got a brightness to his smile that truly conveys a genuine kindness and friendliness in his smile. Score: 5

What women say: “Aw, he looks sweet!” Score: 3

Smile Score: 14/20

Kris Humprhies

unnamed (3)

First impression: Hmm. So that’s the look Kris used on Kim. Interesting. Well, can’t argue with what works. Score: 5

DDS Clinical Evaluation: *Pause*…that’s not a smile.

Right….let’s try again:

unnamed (4)

First impression: Man, he looks like a happy, fun loving guy, with just a hint of intriguing freakiness (That’s the only word I could come up with). Score: 4

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Kris has an excellent smile. Central incisors perfectly centered. Full height of clinical crowns showing. His upper lip shows a bit of stress seen in the flattening of the lip, but nothing far outside of ideal. Your so-called ‘intriguing freakiness’ comes from two factors: First, his arch is just a bit wide, exposing his molars just slightly at the corner of his smile. Second, and far more importantly, it’s the eyes in this picture, not the smile. I’m pretty sure there are lots of great Kris Humphries photos out there with virtually perfect smiles. (He’s right, there are, but this is more fun right?!) Score: 4

DDS Shade Analysis: Fair complexion. Light teeth. No complaints here. Score: 5

What women say: “I know who that is! I’m not even saying anything because I know you’re going to somehow twist my quote.” (In other words, she was speechless). Score: 4

Smile Score: 17/20


Group B: The Playmakers

John Wall

unnamed (5)

First impression: Now THAT’s the smile of a #gamechanger. Score: 5

DDS Clinical Evaluation: John Wall doesn’t flash his full smile for the media too often, but here he does, and it’s great. We see the full crown of his central incisors, without any excess gum exposure. Additionally, we see a perpendicular lip line, and perfect upper lip support. Wall is also a prime example of what I mentioned before, how there is often a stark contrast between a natural smile, and his ‘pose’ smile. Look at this:

unnamed (6)

Here we see a slanted lip line, a drooping right side, and anterior crowns that are not fully visible.” For our purposes, and because we love our #Wallstar, we’ll use the smile we got without asking for it. Score: 5

DDS Shade Analysis: White enough. Could be whiter. Score: 4

What women say: “He’s super rich AND was an All-Star right?!” Score: 5

Smile Score: 19/20

Bradley Beal

unnamed (7)

First Impression: Kodak Smile right?! Score: 5

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Close, but not quite. This guy has a GREAT smile. Very relaxed, easy smile, no signs of muscular tension or stress. Full crowns of central incisors visible, without gingival exposure. No overexposure of lower anteriors. Plane of smile is perpendicular, and smile appears centered with philtrum. Beal does appear to have a slightly sharp turn at the corners of the mouth, creating the ‘dark’ spaces at the corner of the mouth, but like I said, very slight. Also very slight: Beal’s upper lip appears .1-.3 mm intruded, so his upper lip appears slightly flattened. Score: 4

DDS Shade Analysis: Excellent shade. Not too white. Just white enough. Score: 5

What women say: “Aww, he’s cute!” Score: 4

Smile Score: 18/20

Paul Pierce

unnamed (8)

First impression: He actually has a really nice smile, but there’s something about it that just isn’t totally right. Score: 4

DDS Clinical Analysis: Let’s get this out of the way immediately. In case you forgot, Paul Pierce was assaulted prior to being drafted after coming out of Kansas, and was cut and/or stabbed multiple times in the face. The fact you can’t really tell tells you just how great a smile this guy really has. The full height of his central incisors is visible, with no overexposure of his gums or his lower anterior teeth. The plane of his smile is perpendicular to his facial center, and his smile is well centered. His canines and premolars create a perfect turn, leaving no dark areas at the corner of his smile. His upper lip looks ideally supported and relaxed, as does his lower lip.” So what’s wrong? “Typically with an ideal smile, the upper lip line tends to stretch into almost a straight line along the crown of the upper teeth (See Nene and Bradley Beal). With The Truth, there’s a slight frowning curve to the upper lip, even when smiling. All things considered, great smile. Score: 4

DDS Shade Analysis: Could be a few shades whiter. Score: 4

What women say: “That’s Paul Pierce right? TRUTH-fully, I’d say a 3.”…*Pause*…”You got my joke right!! Ha! I remember his nickname in Boston…*Pause*…wait, that WAS him right?” Score: 3

Smile Score: 15/20

Andre Miller

unnamed (9)

Note: I know the Professor is no longer here. Class is no longer in session. Andre Miller is no longer wearing a Wizards jersey, but he’s still a Wizard in my mind, and my heart. So we’re keeping him in the contest, because no matter where he goes, he will always be a Wizard when he did this:

First impression: The Professor looks like he doesn’t like smiling for the camera! Score: 2

DDS Clinical evaluation: First of all, I know Andre has a bigger smile than this, because I’ve seen him do it out of exasperation after a bad call. But going with what we have here…we see very limited visibility of the anterior incisors. The muscles are almost fully relaxed, as when the lips are fully closed. His smile is well centered with the philtrum, but we do see what looks like a very slight midline diastema. Other than that, he’s not giving us a whole lot to work with here. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: We DO see just enough of his teeth here to know that he’s got some pearly whites. Score: 5

What women say: “How old is he? He looks old.” Score: 2

Smile Score: 12/20

Rasual Butler

unnamed (10)

First Impression: I feel like I’ve definitely seen bigger smiles from Rasual when he catches fire from three! Score: 3

DDS Clinical Evaluation: A lot of similarities to Gortat here. Limited exposure of the maxillary anterior crowns. Smile appears slanted due to an asymmetrical closure of the lip, exposing less of the teeth on Rasual’s left, vs. his right. Rasual looks like he’s holding back on us here. A bigger smile might reveal some smile greatness. Hopefully he’ll catch fire after the All-Star break and we’ll get to find out. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: Hard to tell here. Looks like he’s got a pretty good shade going, but maybe could go a few shades whiter and still look natural. Score: 3

What women say: “What’s his problem? He’s smiling like he doesn’t play very much.” Score: 2

Smile Score: 11/20

Ramon Sessions

unnamed (11)

Note: Ramon Sessions has not played enough games as a Wizard to qualify for this tournament.

Smile Score: N/A

GROUP B WINNER: JOHN WALL (with that multi-million dollar smile)

Group C: The Bench Mob

Otto Porter

unnamed (12)

First impression: This dude is EXTRA happy to be an NBA player! I can tell his smile isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely contagious! Score: 3

DDS Clinical Evaluation: First the plusses: Excellent shade, white and bright, but natural. Smile is centered with the philtrum. Occlusal plane horizontal. You can tell from his musculature that this is a guy who smiles a lot. Minuses: Significant amount of gingiva exposed. Visible midline diastema (which isn’t always a minus. See: Strahan, Michael). Appears to have decent overjet, but some excess overbite. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: White, bright, and natural. Score: 5

What women say: “That’s a friend-zone smile. I mean that in a good way!” Score: 3

Smile Score: 14/20

Garrett Temple

unnamed (13)

First impression: Is it just me or does this dude smile with swag?! Score: 4

DDS Clinical Evaluation: I agree. Unfortunately, ‘swag’ is not something we evaluate clinically in our profession. But in Temple’s case, that ‘swag’ is coming from his slanted smile. Garrett has a pronounced slant to his smile, with his right upper lip about a full 2-3 millimeters higher that his left lower lip, at the corners of his smile. We see a decent portion of his maxillary anterior crowns on his right side, but see none of his left side. ‘Swag’ will not be factored into his score here. Score: 2

DDS Shade Analysis: Nothing kills ‘swag’ like poorly colored teeth, so we know he’s OK here. Score: 4

What women say: “Whoa. He’s HOT!” Score: 5

Smile Score: 15/20

DeJuan Blair

Due to the above explosion, we are forced to disqualify DeJuan Blair from this competition. It’s a shame, because DeJuan actually has a really nice smile, even according to our DDS smile consultant. But that emotional outburst is just not joyous at all.

As we tweeted when it happened: “DeJuan, go easy bro. Go easy. Humphries is part of the solution not the problem.”

Smile Score: Disqualified

Martell Webster

unnamed (14)

First impression: I know he’s smiling, but he doesn’t really look happy. Score: 3

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Classic ‘pose’ smile. Beautiful teeth though. We see well centered incisors, and full crowns without any excess gum exposure. Martell also has a very nice turn at the corner of his smiles. Now we just need to see this smile while he’s knocking down some corner threes! Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: Like I said, beautiful teeth. Score: 5

What women say: “He’s OK.” Score: 3

Smile Score: 14/20

Drew Gooden

unnamed (15)

First Impression: Nice genuine smile. I can see the slant, but I don’t care. Score: 4

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Like you said, a visible slant to his smile. However, a lot to like here. Well centered incisors, and a very relaxed natural look, without any muscle overexertion or tension. There does appear to be a slight lingual slant to the canines and premolars as his arch makes its turn. Drew wears this smile well. Score: 3

DDS Shade Analysis: Shade looks OK. His smile is already genuine, but make it a little lighter, and his smile would be contagious. Score: 3

What women say: “Aw, he seems nice. He looks like one of those dudes who’s mean on the court but really cool otherwise.” Score: 4

Smile Score: 14/20


Group D: The Wild-Cards

Randy Wittman

Washington Wizards head coach Wittman reacts in the second quarter of their NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York

First Impression: Maybe he smiles. But recently all we’ve seen is the #WittmanFace. Hopefully he has reason to give us something else soon. But right now, this is what we’ve got. Score: 2

DDS Clinical Evaluation: I didn’t see any smile in that clip. Which part is the “Wittman Face”? Score: 1

DDS Shade Analysis: I guess, from the glimpse of his teeth I got, his shade is OK. Score: 3

What women say: “Who’s that?” Score: 1

Smile Score: 7/20


Washington Wizards G-Wiz

First Impression: Hehehe…can’t tell if he’s smiling, but he sure makes me laugh. Score: 5

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Well, clearly G-Wiz is a closed mouth smiler. We can assume that from a frontal view, his nose or beak, what is that?…Anyway, so yea, his nose would impede the view of his smile from the frontal view. From what I can tell, his lips and lip line appear to be perpendicular to his facial center, and he definitely looks like a happy guy overall. I guess I’d give him at least a 2. Score: 2

DDS Shade Analysis: Does he have teeth? Is there any way to find out? Score: 1

What women say: “(laughs out loud). What the heck?! Well, you know what they say: Girls love guys who make them laugh!” Score: 5

Smile Score: 13/20



First Impression: G-Man!!! Let’s go!!! Score: 5!

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Umm…you know he has no teeth right? He doesn’t even have a mouth! I know everyone loves G-Man, but there’s not a lot to say here… Score: 1

DDS Shade Analysis: Based on everthing I know about G-Man, IF he had a mouth, with teeth, they’d probably be blue. Score: 1

What women say: “Oh man, he has a GREAT body!…And look at the size of his gun.” Score: 5

Smile Score: 12/20


unnamed (17)

First Impression: Aggghhh god! I just wanna punch him in the face!!! Score: 0

DDS Clinical Evaluation: Honestly, I just wanna punch that guy in the face!!! Score: 0

DDS Shade Analysis: What did I Just say? Score: 0

What women say: “OMG! I just want to punch him in the face!!!” Score: 0

Smile Score: 0/20


So our group stage winners recap:

Group A: Nene

Group B: John Wall

Group C: Garrett Temple

Group D: G-Wiz

Nene vs. John Wall
Garrett Temple vs. G-Wiz

Check back tomorrow, as we go through the head to head match-ups and crown the Hoop District Washington Wizards Best Smile Champion!

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