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Who the hell is that? What’s there to know about Wizards ‘blockmeister’ Daniel Theis

The hype surrounding the Wizards Summer League team this year has mostly been revolved around the development of Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr. Besides UNLV standout Khem Birch, an undrafted free agent, not many others on the roster have been under intricate observation, because as Joe explained in his column yesterday, the Wizards for once aren’t locked in on finding primary talent in Las Vegas.

But then unexpectedly leaped up Daniel Theis, a seldom known 6’9 power forward out of Salzgitter, Germany, to contend a powerful Tyler Honeycutt dunk attempt, sending it right back down his throat, and leaving him to lay hapless on the ground. It was quite possibly the best block you’d ever seen. And it wasn’t the only one. Theis stamped his ground in the paint a few more times with one more swat as well as a power layup. See videos below:

Not much information is offered on the internet about Theis’ basketball existence. Draftexpress.com doesn’t even have a profile for him. Nextimpulsesports.com posted the video of his demeaning block, but misnamed him “John” in the article. However, Eurobasket.com was able to provide a better understanding of Theis’ game, mostly through video.

Theis can certainly get up. When asked in an interview with Monumental Network what he thought the Wizards scouts were most impressed about his game, he said his energy, defense, and rebounding. Judging by the clips in the video above, Theis looks to have a good amount of mobility to move around in the paint and find a way to put the ball up. He can spin and shoot from short-range and he can pretty much grab a ball lobbed to him from anywhere in midair and put it in the basket. All things considered, it seems likely he’s performing against a lot of terrible defenses in Germany. Some of the defenders he’s putting the ball up against are unreasonably smaller while others just don’t understand the concept of putting their arms up and contending, or simply sliding over a bit to create some sort of contact or disturbance.

In three Summer League games, Theis has averaged 7 rebounds and 1.33 blocks (4 total). He’s also shot 13-for-15 from the line. The hope is that after one solid Summer League outing against players that are substantially more physical than ones he’s used to, he may be in position to prove that he can produce against anyone. We shall see.

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