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“Great Wall” at the Great Wall


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John Wall was in China this past week along with his Adidas team to promote the launch of his new shoe line and logo. There aren’t many details about the trip yet, but based on a good number of the posts and pictures found on Wall’s Facebook and Instagram, it was definitely a success.

The most alluring image from the trip was a photo of Wall sitting along the Great Wall of China, and fittingly sporting the “Great Wall” tattoo he has on his back. Yes, go ahead critics, you can facepalm all you want.

Other photos (as presented below) show Wall posing at the Great Wall with a “JW” t-shirt and cap along with his Adidas cherry blossom shoes. Wall was also at various venues signing autographs, taking pictures and engaging with fans.

The new shoe line is a huge leap for Wall and the Wizards’ brand. As the face of the franchise, Wall’s establishment of a personal shoe line and logo not only renders the attention he deserves as a premiere baller in the league, but it also latches to the Wizards, the team whose jersey he’ll be donning while sporting the new kicks. And better yet, Wall and his fancy shoes will be on display in front of a national audience ten times next season.

Overall, it’s been a fairly productive summer for Wall after leading the squad to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. After hanging out at the Summer League in Vegas, he had a brief stint at Team USA camp, added some new ink to his upper chest, doused himself with ice water to promote awareness for ALS, then flew off to China for the shoe promotion.

Based on his latest post, it seems Wall has given his farewells to China and is probably heading back soon, if not already. As Wizards training camp looms, I’m more than antsy to see those ‘J-Dubs’ squeaking on the hardwood.

Other photos of John Wall in China

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