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Gortat voices displeasure in perimeter defense

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics

Following the Wizards’ loss to the Wolves last night, Marcin Gortat once again voiced his discontent with what’s going on around him on the floor. This time, he voiced his displeasure with the Wizards’ terrible perimeter defense.

Per J. Michael of CSN:

“He got a lot of offensive rebounds standing by himself under the rim. There were a lot of drives into the paint where basically we got to go and help and you’re leaving a big man like that underneath the basket by himself,” Gortat said. “He’s going to get offensive rebounds. I don’t know what to tell you.”

First of all, let’s admit that Gortat is a real dude. He may come off as “calling out players,” but instead he speaks truth. He’s smart and he knows what adjustments need to be made when things are falling apart. The Wizards perimeter D blew last night. Time and again the Wolves’ backcourt guys were able to blow by their defender off the dribble and streak to the rim, causing the bigs to rotate over to help. This clearly opens up the offensive glass for the Wolves, or if anything else, a drawn foul.. the jist of the Wizards’ woes all night.

Gortat’s issues are evidenced by the 13 shot attempts the Wolves’ guards had at the rim. They converted seven of them.

Whether it’s bad defensive posture, laziness, or just poor technique, John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Martell Webster need to be more staunch when the ball is away from the basket and limit the lane penetration that doomed the Wizards last night. The Wizards’ offense thrives in transition, which is derived from defensive rebounding, which is rooted from good defense. Do the math. Make it happen.

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