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Goodman vs Drew: The Orignial

Faced with a lockout, NBA players didn’t know what they would do…..so they played against each other for a good cause.

Final shot of game...contested by WallAlways going hardWall and no bodyWall sees what noone else doesKD and No DMcGee and Durant go at it
Fans are up for challengeKD in the rimSelby tries out the trafficKD goes to rimHarden and the beardBaby Shaq goes hard
Shoot over the JaValevatorSuspense in airWall in trafficLeBrons FamHarden and KDJennings cuts the D
Harden testing KDMcGee uncontestedDeRozan gets UPHarden above the rimHarden tests Ater again...for notMajok rejects another

Goodman vs Drew: The Orignial, a set on Flickr.

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