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A Quick Response To The George Karl Blogger Rant

As I was enjoying the Wizards eigth win at home and the recovery of a season that was headed for disaster, our good friends at <font color =”red>Truth About It posted an excerpt from George Karl’s book which apparently attacks anyone not named George Karl and instantly I wanted to punch my screen. As if this guy hasn’t pissed off enough people in the last week, now he’s got a paragraph devoted to attacking bloggers. And he invited us to “come at him.”

So I will. In defense of my team at Hoop District and anyone else who may feel the same way.

First the post from Kyle and TAI…


So, I took issue with six of George Karl’s points. First, that anyone with a smartphone and the web can gain access and do this. Second, implying most of us don’t have editors. Third, saying we don’t have or go through training. Fourth, assuming we don’t have ethics to do the job. Fifth that we don’t get paid much. Lastly, that we don’t attract the best people.

If I may:

  1. Our team from the very beginning has worked our asses off to gain the access we have, and you can ask Wiz PR about that. What we put out surely takes more than just walking around with an iPhone and Verizon Center WiFi.

  2. Our editor is phenomenal (I’m not him), and all of our writers take pride in what they write and post. I know personally that he reads, studies and tries to emulate the best in the business because he wants to be the best.

  3. Our training, while not of the traditional kind, is hands-on. We engage with, learn from and try to emulate great people like Chris Miller, J Michael, Michael Lee, Jorge Castillo, Candace Buckner, Ben Standig, Craig Heist, Glenn Consor, Carla Peay, Christy Winters Scott, Ron Thompson and Dave Johnson to name some of my personal favorites. We may not be as seasoned as them but we’re pretty damn good at what we do. And with the limitations we have in regards to time and money (HD is a not-for-profit site), I’ll stack us up against some of the best out there.

  4. Ethically, and I’m assuming this is what he was referring to when talking about headhunting and the “spicy story”, but…if we posted everything we’ve seen and heard over the last 7 years in and outside of locker rooms, at the AllStar game, on the road, at the Goodman League, or down at Barry Farm with NBA players present, we could start a f*king TMZ Wizards and NBA site. We DON’T because we respect the players (most of them at least) and more importantly we respect the credentials and access that is given to us.

  5. We don’t get paid ANYTHING. For the last seven years we’ve been out of pocket because we love covering our hometown team. It’s not easy to recruit people like that but that’s why I love my team. Every year we offer the same thing…access and a site to publish their talents. They’ve never asked for or wanted more. My payment, our payment is the reward of providing opportunities to young and aspiring journalists to cover a pro basketball team and all that comes with that.

  6. Talent. I’m sorry but I think we do attract the best people, and so does Truth About It, BulletsForever, Wiz of Awes, WizXtra and all of our other Wizards colleagues out there. There is evidence of this by the way we are treated by some of those I mentioned before, the responses we get on social media and frankly because some of our talent has gone on to do amazing things at the highest levels of sports journalism and TV/radio/internet production.

It really pisses me off when I see so-called professionals talk out their asses for the sake of talking, or in this case for the sake of a book sale. I had a lot of respect for George Karl. I’m pretty sure I’m on record saying I thought he would have been great for Wall, considering the work he did with Gary Payton. The key word is HAD. He should probably cancel his book sales and the league should do it’s best to keep anything related to him hidden under a rock somewhere. It seems like every day that goes by George Karl looks and sounds more and more like an out-of-touch, angry, bitter, resentful, uninformed and despicable person.

Off my soapbox. Now, back to headhunting.

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