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Game recap – Wizards toppled in Texas

Eric Gay/Associated Press
Eric Gay/Associated Press

Spurs 92 Wizards 79

November 13, 2013
AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
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Father 15, Son 0. That’s 15 straight victories for the Spurs over the Wizards. As soon as the ball was tipped in the first quarter the Spurs just outclassed the Wizards, jumping to a 14-3 lead. The Spurs shredded the Wizards defense with simple ball movement, while on the other end Wizards settled for tough contested jump shots.

Tiago Splitter looked like he had a point to prove that he was the best Brazilian basketball player on the floor tonight and Nene did absolutely nothing to prove him otherwise. Nene had by far his worst game of the season tonight, with just four points and two rebounds in 25 minutes. The Wizards as a team were held to a season low 36% shooting from the field.

To add insult to injury the Wizards lost two starters in this game. Trevor Ariza left toward the end of the 2nd quarter with a strained hamstring and John Wall got poked in the eye at the end of the 3rd quarter. He didn’t return to the game. Wall was 5-for-19 before leaving the game, settling for too many long jumpers early in the shot clock. Other than that Wall was having a nice floor game, especially in the 3rd quarter when the Wizards cut the lead down to 3 points.

The Spurs turned on their genius switch as soon as the lead was cut to 3 and went on a 29-7 run. The Wizards conceded the game early in the 4th, throwing the whole bench on the floor.

If there is something promising that came from this game, it may be Martell Webster’s 2013 “coming out” game. If Ariza is forced to miss significant time, Martell’s emergence couldn’t come at a better time.


MVP: Martell Webster – 21 points, 10 rebounds, 4 steals

Martell Webster was money in this game. His shot was falling and he was also crashing the boards. He’ll likely be in the starting lineup until Ariza comes back but last night, he was the guy the Wizards saw a lot of in 2012-13.

LVP: Nene..again – 4 points, 2 rebounds in 25 minutes

Against Dallas, I was tough on Nene for 6 missed free throws and 6 turnovers. As for last night, it was totally inexcusable for him to play 25 minutes only to record 4 points and 2 rebounds. He was literally a non-factor on offense and defense. This just can’t happen, and as evidenced in the Brooklyn Nets game, Nene’s production is essential to the success of this team. He keeps having nights like last night and games will get ugly.

Key stat of the game: – 36% FG shooting

Coming in to the game, the Spurs ranked top 5 in the NBA in opponent shooting percentage. Their reputation held true in this game. The Wizards did nothing creative to consistently get good shots in the half court game. The Spurs defense contested nearly every jumper and that’s why the Wizards couldn’t get any closer than 3 points in this game.

Tweet of the night:

It’s like I said before the game, when the Spurs play the Wizards, it’s like watching Dragonfly Jones on the show “Martin” fight the guy that he owes money.


What’s next:

Finally back at the Phone Booth for a game against the struggling Cavs. Also, Wizards fans’ favorite PG nemesis comes to town for the vaunted John Wall vs. Kyrie Irving battle that has eluded us recently due to injuries to both guys. If the Wizards still have playoff aspirations, these are the type of games they have to win.

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