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Game Notebook 28, Wizards at Nets: A Brooklyn Beat Down

Wizards 111
Nets 96

December 26, 2015 – Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

ESPN Box Score

Overcome and overwhelmed by roster genocide, the Wizards went into Brooklyn on Saturday night and earned their fourth straight win by way of Spursian ball movement and an unexpected surge of offense by a D-League diamond in the rough named Jarell Eddie.

#WizNets in a tweet..

The Game’s Top Performer:

Marcin Gortat – 25 points; 7 rebounds; 5 rebounds; 3 assists; 1 block.

Praise the pretty ball movement because it’s been great. Praise the bench unit because they’ve been clutch. But most of all, praise Marcin Gortat for constantly kicking his own ass when he feels like he’s sucking and for putting those emotions on the floor the way he has in these past five games.

Question: How good has March been in these past five games?

He’s averaging 20 and 10 to go with 2 blocks per game. But it’s not about the numbers. When you watch Gortat play, you’ll notice his poise and concentration. You’ll notice his demeanor on the both sides of the ball, playing soundly on defense and assertively on offense. I mean, he’s actually dunking the ball! And this won’t be the first time I say this: the Wizards win super easy when Gortat is on his game.

A forgettable night for..

That Brooklyn front row…


Does anyone even care about Brooklyn basketball? And I’m not talking about Knicks fans that have nothing else to do on a Saturday night. Mikhail Prokhorov once thought he hit the jackpot for American sports franchise ownership by teaming up with a billionaire rapper and signing a few washed up free agents. They enjoyed a super short-lived hype but now the Nets are just awful. They are The Big Apple’s B-Squad and at 8-twenty something, it’s no surprise no one is rushing back to their seats after halftime.

Why the Wizards won their 4th straight:

A Spursian style of ball.

Normally, the Wizards half-court sets are comprised of bowel movement rather than actual ball movement. To make matters easy for the Wizards, they exercised their floor game with minimal turnovers (13; 7 less than Brooklyn) and more importantly, they allowed only 9 points off them. They winded the Nets on the fast break with 19 points and dissected the defense with 32 assists on 42 made buckets. With much of their real talent still eating up their PTO, the Wizards have found a way to hide their imperfections with solid pace and swift ball movement. They’re unselfish with extra passes; they’re drawing

Jarell Eddie, DC’s walk-on hero.

There’s nothing quite like a solid feel-good story about a professional basketball journeyman who spent the first 18 months of his career bouncing in and out of the league, used and abused before finally earning meaningful minutes in an actual regular season game. That was the story of Jarell Eddie. But it is no longer the story of Jarell Eddie.

The Wizards were hanging on to a slim lead in the 4th quarter when Eddie decided to create the long-awaited shining moment of his basketball life. And he did it with not a spec of shyness or resistance. He loosely knocked down catch-and-shoot 3-pointers. He swung the ball to open teammates. He was magnificent. In just 14 minutes of burn, Eddie hit 4-of-5 shots from 3 for 12 points. Kudos to the Wizards scouts for finding this gem.

John Wall, because “it’s easy to play with him.”

Jarell Eddie’s post game comments to CSN’s Chris Miller is all you need to know about the value of John Wall. He is unquestionably the team’s MVP night in and night out and the only reason why that hasn’t been mentioned in this post till now is because it’s unfair to others who also put so much passion in this game that they love. Nothing is possible without the prowess of Wall. Not Gortat’s 25 point night. Not Jarell Eddie’s memorable debut. Not the Wizards on this 4-game winning streak. The man has a pair of eyes with 20/20 vision on the back of his head and his precognition is comparable to Denzel in “The Equalizer.”

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