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Bradley Beal’s shooting form and release is a work of art

There are people in this world that will circle the globe to admire and revere the finest collections of artwork. The Sistine Chapel, for example, attracts approximately 25,000 visitors a day and some five million a year. When The Dallas Opera featured a simulcast performance of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” at Klyde Warren Park, the venue rendered a record-setting number for attendance.

Luckily for us Washington Wizards fans, traveling to find one of the world’s newly discovered works of art doesn’t take a whole lot. Of course, that particular work of art is currently under some minor re-construction and renovation, but thanks to newly implemented features on my iOS platformed cellular device, you have been enabled to still gaze in awe at the prolific shooting form and release of one of DC’s renowned basketball artisans, Bradley Beal.

The elevation; the squared shoulders; the comfortable elbow position; the release; the follow through. Like poetry in motion. Body form like the strokes of a Michelangelo paintbrush. Shot release like the symmetry of a Shakespeare play. And all of it at the cost of a free app download.

The Sistine Chapel is obviously an intricate and detailed structure of work. The hours put into that work is probably similar to the hours spent to master a shooting form as near-perfect as Beal’s. And while the Chapel had more pieces added to finish it, an analogy can be me made to describe the various shooting refinements made over time by Beal, which can be incorporated with his evolution as a scorer.

Also, Brad Beal’s shooting form is so perfect, this courtside spectator tried his best to emulate it.


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