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The Best and Worst Of (Vol. I): Best NBA Logos

We are happy to introduce our new summer series which we will call the ‘Best and Worst Of’. Each week, our team of writers will vote on the best and worst of a variety of NBA topics. We will tally the votes from our 12 contributors and then assign one of our writers to explain what the hell we were thinking. We hope you enjoy and provide your own commentary and voting at the end of each segment.


This week, our focus is on the best and worst NBA logos. If we were to use all of the NBA logos dating back to 1946 when the NBA was inaugurated as a league, it would have taken our team days to figure out what logo we liked best. That is why Abdullah and I decided to limit the choices to the current team logos. With that said, our team voted and below are the completely unscientific, biased and opinionated choices of our team.

1. CHICAGO BULLS –  Coming in first place with 9 out of 12 votes. This is about as universal as we’ll ever get our United Nations of writers to ever come to a consensus on anything. I’m guessing that the rest of the guys think like me in that it’s just a strong logo. The Bull is fierce, the pointy horns, the pissed off eyebrows and oh yeah, during the majority of our teenage years, Michael Jordan was tearing shit up wearing this logo on his warmups.

    2. BOSTON CELTICS – Coming in second place with 7 out of 12 votes. It’s a classic look, it’s old school and it represents championships and leprechauns. When I think of the Boston Celtics, I don’t think of TD Bank Garden, but this is the logo that comes to mind along with the memories of the 80’s Celtics, Bill Russell, “Havlicek stole the ball”, and the parquet floors of the original Boston Garden.

File:Golden State Warriors logo.svg     3. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Coming in third place with 6 out of 12 votes. Had this vote been done prior to 2010, I think this logo might be in the worst NBA logos segment we do later this week. The Warriors logo is simple, it shows the most identifiable symbol with the city where it lies in, it looks phenomenal on the uniforms and it doesn’t hurt that the team representing the logo is fun as hell to watch right now. With the team of writers we have, it’s a nostalgic group and I think this logo much like the Celtics and Bulls before it plays into our love for basketball roots, tradition and simplicity.

     4. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS – Coming in fourth place with 5 out of 12.  In 2009/2010 the Sixers changed back to their old look – a combination of logos used from 1963 until the switch was made to this hideous one in 1997. Again, going with a traditional, old school flare, the majority of our team voted for this red/white/blue look and of course with it memories of Dr. J, Moses Malone and Charles Barkley.

    5. BROOKLYN NETS –  Coming in fifth place with 5 out of 12 votes. Here’s the first one I can’t rationally explain to you, the reader. It’s a Bold style B with the word Nets above it in black and white. Outside of the fact that I love the two colors the logo really does nothing for me but I will say its much more eye pleasing than the old Nets logo. For 12 years, from 1978-1900, the Nets rolled with this logo. From 1990-1997, they went with this more interesting look and then ended with this more futuristic look before departing Jersey for the friendly confines of Brooklyn. Due to my relatively young age when I think of the Nets organization, I think of Drazen Petrovic (RIP), Derrick Coleman, Vince Carter and Jason Kidd – with all due respect to Buck Williams.

I can tell you one way we could have gotten 12 out of 12 votes in this poll from our group…if a certain Washington team was still sporting this logo or any older version of it:

Many thanks to Cris Creamer’s Sports Logo Website which is a phenomenal source of logo knowledge for all sports, not just basketball.

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