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Another Alternative: Wizards Will Wear Sleeved ‘Pride’ Jerseys This Season

The Wizards have once again expanded their wardrobe of alternate jerseys. This year, in addition to the blue alternates they introduced last season, they will be donning sleeved red ‘Pride’ jerseys, commemorating the Baltimore Bullets of the early 70s.

The striped design with the round logo is dope but I’m not entirely crazy about sleeved jerseys. They remind me too much of the kind of pajamas I wear and these new Wiz uni’s are no exception. Yet seeing Wall and Beal modeling in them, I want to try to maintain the idea that their performances in them this season will make the uniforms even more attractive, which I have little doubt they will. Also pleasing to see is the continued exclusion of the name ‘Wizards’ on these new jerseys.


Here is the full alternate jersey schedule:

Nov. 25 @ Charlotte Hornets (Blue)
Dec. 6 vs. Dallas Mavericks (Red)
Dec. 16 @ San Antonio Spurs (Blue)
Dec. 19 vs. Charlotte Hornets Baltimore (Pride)
Dec. 30 @ Toronto Raptors (Blue)
Jan. 3 vs. Miami Heat (Blue)
Jan. 16 vs. Boston Celtics Baltimore (Pride)
Jan. 23 vs. Utah Jazz Baltimore (Pride)
Jan. 28 vs. Denver Nuggets Baltimore (Pride)
Feb. 24 @ Chicago Bulls (Blue)
Feb. 28 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Blue)
Mar. 2 @ Minnesota Timberwolves (Blue)
Mar. 5 vs. Indiana Pacers Baltimore (Pride)
Mar. 19 vs. New York Knicks Baltimore (Pride)
Mar. 27 @ Los Angeles Lakers (Blue)
Mar. 30 @ Sacramento Kings (Blue)
Apr. 1 @ Phoenix Sun (Blue)
Apr. 3 @ Los Angeles Clippers (Blue)
Apr. 10 vs. Charlotte Hornets (Red)

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