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[ 2013 Wizards Player Roundups ] – Jan Vesley

The only player I’ve ever seen genuinely digress more in an NBA career has been Greg Oden, whose struggles were simply due to injury. Jan, simply put, is lost on the court. When the Wizards took him 6th overall in the 2011 Draft, the word “potential” was being thrown around as if it was the sole reasoning for the pick. While he’s shown the ability to dunk a basketball with mediocre ease, the rest of his game is putrid. He can’t shoot, he can’t rebound, and can not identify the pick and roll. The only positive in all of this is the fact that he’s a decent passer…I suppose. I don’t see a need for him on any team’s roster. He might just be the worst player in the NBA.

Scoring: What scoring? The only thing you need to know about his scoring is that for most of the year, he had more fouls called against him than total points scored. Sadly, this isn’t the first time such a stat has come up about him. I’ve seen Jan air ball more free throws than I’ve seen him make jump shots. For 2.5 ppg, I think Washington can make up for the scoring in other ways.

Court Awareness: Constantly slow on the pick and roll defense (assuming he can identify it), never knows who to guard on the rotation. Jan just looks like he’s constantly running towards the ball not guarding the man or space on the court. If you don’t believe me, the Randy Wittman head scratches speak for themselves.

Offensive Value: I personally don’t think that a career 3-points-per-game bench player with no size and and a non existent jump shot has any room on this roster. I just think we’ve seen the best of Jan Vesely in the NBA.With our starting five already and bench set for next season, I just don’t see room for Vesely to get playing time outside of garbage time late in games.

Defensive Value: Jan, simply put, looks like a chicken with his head cut off on the court. Especially on defense. He seemingly has no idea who to guard at any given time. The best is the flopping. I used to think Blake Griffin was the king of flops in the NBA but Jan took the reigns this year. If I cared enough about talking about Jan Vesely’s non-value to this team, I would even make a .gif compilation of all the flops from this year and put it in the NBA’s summer league tutorial video they show to incoming rookies on “how to not play defense.”

Hustle/Effort: The only hustle Jan ever shows is when he’s going up for a dunk. He needs to understand that rebounding, playing defense, making mid range jump shots and not air balling free throws are also fundamental aspects of the game.

Basketball Swag: The one thing I’ll give Jan credit for is that he doesn’t pay attention to what people say or think about his game. That’s probably the reason why he has no game. Next question.

Final Player Grade: I would give him an F but it might be too high of a grade. So, an F-.

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