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[ 2013 Wizards Player Roundups ] – Trevor Booker

Unfortunately, Trevor Booker has not held up health-wise for the Wizards to figure out what they have or don’t have in him. When he is healthy and on the floor, he can provide toughness, hustle, and rebounding in quick spurts. He has the opportunity to be a solid 20-25 minute per night contributor, but he has been in and out of the lineup more often than not. I still think Booker has the tools to become a good bench guy, but only if he can get on the court.

Scoring: Trev isn’t really a big time scorer, at least in terms of running plays for him. He does most of his scoring by hustling, cutting, and scrapping for balls off the glass. He had 10 double-digit scoring games this year (three in a row to close the season), with his highest scoring output being 16 points on 8-for-12 shooting. This is the type of efficient production you need out of energy bench guys. Booker should be giving the team 10 & 5 at a minimum, so he needs to become a more consistent scorer, which could come with consistent playing time.

Court Awareness: I think his awareness is pretty high. He has a good basketball IQ and doesn’t make a whole lot of mistakes — never turned the ball over more than two times outside of the first game of the season. He plays lanes well and has a nose for the ball after shots go out. His awareness isn’t a problem for me.

Offensive Value: This one comes down to two different scenarios for me: offensive potential vs. what he did this year. Since this is a season review, I will just say that if this team takes that next step, they will need a player like Booker who will score in transition and won’t take bad shots. As of this year, there were a few glimpses here and there of what Booker could provide, but they were too far and few between. His offensive value is never going to be that high, because he is always going to be a 5th option type guy on the floor, unless of course Jan Vesely is running with him.

Defensive Value: Improvement needs to be made in this category. Booker is undersized at the 4 spot, listed at 6’8 but probably more like 6’7. He plays tough, but is often caught out of position or just over-matched on the block due to his size. Not using any fancy stats and just going by the eye test, but he is not a very good man defender.

Hustle/Effort: This category was made for Trevor Booker. He is a high energy guy who can really get up and down the floor for a big. He is extremely quick and athletic, and I always say I think he has one of the quickest jumping abilities in the league. You never catch Book taking any plays off. He also lands some pretty good man-screens here and there that level opponents.

Basketball Swag: Last season I had a bunch of screen shots on my phone from different plays Booker made. I think his “basketball swag” was on a higher level last year. I would gladly trade in some of that for some healthy Booker.

Final Grade: I can’t really give Booker a great grade here because of the lack of court time he saw. I would like to hope that one year we will finally got a full evaluation of him, but not sure if that will ever happen. When he is able to play, he is one of the more impactful role players. For the year, I give Booker a C-. I don’t know how high his grade ceiling could be, but I suspect he would be at least a C+ if he was on the floor more.

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