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2013 NBA Draft – Otto Porter Full Post-Draft Interview


To the surprise of none, maybe except for those outside of the Beltway, on Thursday night the Washington Wizards selected former Georgetown Hoya Otto Porter in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Passing up on a chance to select projected number one pick, Nerlens Noel, the Wizards went with the player that 99% of the media pundits deemed the safest pick. ESPN’s Jalen Rose even went as far as to tell our own Abdullah and Joe that Porter was the safest pick in the history of the NBA draft.

Only time will tell if the Wizards made the right choice but Noel won’t only have the Wizards to target as the Cavaliers shocked everyone selecting Anthony Bennett with the #1 selection, who was then followed by Victor Oladipo to Orlando, Porter and the biggest surprise of them all, Cody Zeller to the Boobcats.

Below is Porter’s post-draft press conference from Brooklyn in it’s entirety.


June 27, 2013

Otto Porter, Jr.

Washington, No. 3

THE MODERATOR:  Just make an opening statement about your feelings about being drafted by Washington and we’ll go on to some questions.
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  It’s a dream come true to get drafted, and then getting a chance to play in D.C., where I played two years in college.  It’s a true blessing.

Q.  Otto, congratulations to you.  So much to talk about.  I wanted to ask you what will you be able to bring to the Washington Wizards especially with your versatile game?  Talk about how you’ll be able to get playing time and immediately help that team get better.  They’re trying to be on the cusp of being an eighth seed.
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  I feel like I can come in and give a lot of energy right off the bat.  Give them that lift that they need, be that glue guy that brings the team together.  And come to work hard and have a winning mentality the whole time.

Q.  Otto, we talked in the elevator about this, this is probably the least stressful of all the picks.  How much Washington Wizards basketball have you watched?  And talk about the idea of playing with John Wall and Bradley Beal.
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  I watched quite a few.  I played there.  I catch a few games every now and then when I’m not playing, and everything like that.  Just to see where I can fit in and help with John Wall and Beal and the rest of the guys, and see that they really need help in my position.

Q.  Everything was saying you were one of the guys most NBA‑ready coming into this draft.  What are your thoughts about that?  And what are realistic expectations in your rookie season?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  I feel like I am 100% ready.  I feel like my game can transpire to the next level a lot easier as the rest of them because I’m very versatile.  I can do many things on the court offensively and defensively.  And just to bring it to the next level, the transition, it’s still going to be tough.  But I think it’s going to be the best transition.

Q.  Otto, congratulations.  Getting to the next level you mentioned that you think your game can transition.  Where do you think you excel the most at?  And where can you contribute immediately?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  I feel like I can contribute on the defensive side immediately, being that next guy to rotate around, that next guy to defend and get rebounds to lead to our offense and open up the court.
So I think I can definitely bring that immediately.

Q.  Otto, I know you said your dad was your favorite player.  What was it like to share that with him and have your family here to experience this?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  It was amazing to see the smile on his face, and my mom’s face.  All the hard work they put into me in raising me the right way, it’s finally paid off for them.

Q.  Otto, you didn’t take the AAU route like a lot of guys in this draft and a lot of drafts.  Can you talk about what led you to make that decision?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  I think just wanting to be good.  Wanting to do something with basketball.  I felt like in the summertime while I travel all over the place, to play a couple of games, why not just stay home and work on your game yourself?  You know you’re doing something every day to get you better.
So I feel like that was the best way to do it, and it paid off.

Q.  Otto, you come from a rich basketball tradition at Georgetown and there have been so many graduates that have gone on to have tremendous careers.  Have you been in touch with those graduates?  And what advice have they given you?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  Definitely, definitely.  From all the recent NBA picks from Georgetown, Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, and Greg Monroe.  I talked to them guys a lot during this process, and they’re the ones that told me the in and outs of what to expect from the NBA and how the transition was going to go.
But at the end of the day they told me just enjoy.  This is a once‑in‑a‑lifetime process and to enjoy.

Q.  Otto, obviously you’re a fine player.  Do you think Monumental Sports made a decision to draft you to sell some tickets in the Verizon Center?  And you’ll be able to finish up your college education since you’ll be playing in the same town.
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  That’s on my part.  I think they really brought me there to help the organization win.  And that’s what I’m going to do when I go there.

Q.  What about are you going to work on your degree while you’re playing down there?
OTTO PORTER, JR.:  Definitely.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Otto.

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