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2013-14 Wizard Girls tryouts


The crowd filled into The Howard Theatre right as doors opened at 6PM on Monday night as the fate of 30 girls rested in the hands of a handful of judges for the 2013-2014 Wizard Girls Auditions Finals. Filled mostly with families and friends of the dancers who would try to impress the judges and Dance Team Manager Derric Whitfield one last time, The Howard Theatre also had a few excited season ticket holders who were overly-excited to see the final 20 girls that would make up the 2013-2014 Wizard Girls team.

The girls had a busy night as they had to give everything they had in a matter of merely minutes. The 30 girls were placed in groups of four or five and danced to two different routines (hip-hop and jazz) in addition to giving a quick introduction to themselves and why the judges should vote for them. Eight judges (composed of professional dancers, sponsors and Wizards office staff) sat on the floor in front of the stage and additional judges (including myself) sat on the balcony of the newly-opened theatre. Judges were asked to rate the girls on the basis of looks/physique, personality and their performance for the two routines.

The event lasted just over an hour, but ran pretty smoothly and professionally; mostly due to the part that it was being streamed live on Monumental Network. To fill in the gaps between interviews, dancing and the judges’ deliberations, in-game arena host GeNienne and DC101’s Elliot Segal from “Elliot in the Morning” went back and forth with some schtick as well as giving out raffle prizes.

For those not interested in that, VIP ticket-holders for the event were treated to an open-bar courtesy of Ciroc, who was there as a sponsor of the event to promote their new Amaretto flavor of the popular vodka.

After sampling the liquor and witnessing G-Man twerk with the three dance team captains, the moment the crowd had been waiting for had finally arrived. Announced to a throng of cheers from family and friends, the 17 girls who made the cut came out to the stage and performed together for the first time.

Your 2013-2014 Wizard Girls Team: Tara, Michaela, Joanna, Jalina, Abbie, Leah, Renee, Jackie, Jonique, Jade, Lindsay, Amber, Alleson, Emily M, Emily T, Michelle and Meghan (who won the fan vote with 3227 votes).

Photos below provided by Joe Glorioso.


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