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Wall-less Wizards Net a Win off of Brooklyn

Wizards 121
Nets 103

April 6, 2016 – Verizon Center, Washington, DC

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Whether we want to admit it or not, we all know it’s over. Bradley Beal said “The Fat Lady hasn’t started singing yet,” and he’s technically right. But she’s gone through her vocal warmups, completed the mic check, had a few sips of water, the curtain is drawn, and the mic is at her lips.

We all know this. And the Wizards organization knows this too. So to provide a nice boost or morale and incentive to us media folks, the Wizards were kind enough to supply us with this John Wall fact sheet pregame, to add intrigue to their mathematically essential but realistically meaningless matchup with the Brooklyn Nets.

image (2)

OK! Those are some pretty cool stats! You got me guys! I’m all in. I’m ready to watch John Wa–…what?….Oh…

Great. In a literal must-win game, the Wizards were going without their leader. This was surely not going to go well.

Except it did.

The Wizards jumped on the Nets from the outset, with Bradley Beal leading the Wizards to an early 9-0 lead. Naturally, the Wizards allowed the Nets to hang around via the usual suspects: rebounding and turnovers. The Wizards allowed 5 first half offensive rebounds, and committed 9 first half turnovers, gifting the Nets a total shot advantage of 49-42 in the first half. The result was a just a 2-point half time lead, 54-52, despite shooting 57% from the field and getting 19 team assists on 24 made baskets.

Then came the 3rd quarter Ramon Sessions takeover. Doing his best John Wall impression, Sessions took over the third quarter, and helped the Wizards take over the game. Ramon scored 11 third quarter points, and added 3 assists. He finished the 3rd in Wall-Star-ic fashion, with this emphatic sequence to put the Wizards in full control, leading the Wizards to an 88-75 lead heading to the fourth.

Sessions would watch the rest of the night from the pine, as Bradley Beal put a nice bow on things. Beal scored 9 points in the fourth quarter, added 3 assists, and soon joined Sessions on the bench to watch the reserves wrap up a dominant 121-103 win.

The Game’s Top Performer

Ramon Sessions

We’re used to the Wizards starting point guard scoring 18 points, dishing 13 assists, taking over games, and leading the Wizards to victory. We’re just not used to that coming from Ramon Sessions! And Sessions only had 1 turnover. Simply stellar.

A forgettable night for..

Markieff Morris

Kieff played with the right kind of energy and effort, he just didn’t play very well. Without Wall, we anticipated a possible statistical explosion from Morris. He “exploded” for 9 points, 7 rebounds, shot just 4/13, and missed both of his three point attempts.


Bradley Beal: Beal played like a guy who has mastered basic algebra, but failed miserably in all aspects of math related to probability. Or maybe he just played like a guy who has mastered basic NBA economics, and wants a max deal.

Beal casually annihilated the Nets, clearly the best, most talented basketball player on the court, and it wasn’t even close. Brad shot 11-15, scoring 25 points, and dished 5 assists, seemingly in slow motion. If only we’d had that guy all year…

Thomas Robinson: Southeast was in the building! A local product (though admittedly well-traveled), Robinson put on a career-best show for the DC crowd. The fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft has largely been a disappointment to this point in his career. But last night, Robinson looked like a lottery pick. He scored 23 points on 10-16 shooting, grabbed 10 rebounds (SIX offensive!), dropped 4 dimes, and dropped this hammer:

Maybe these 2012 lottery picks will pan out one day after all….we’re looking at you Bradley Beal!

Assists, assists, assists! The Washington Wizards had THIRTY-SIX team assists on 48 made baskets.

To put that in perspective, the Warriors have hit that number this season just 5 times. The Spurs haven’t even done it. Team basketball is winning basketball. Unfortunately, the Wizards haven’t done enough of it to be a winning team.

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One thought on “Wall-less Wizards Net a Win off of Brooklyn

  1. I would say Ramon Sessions’ effort against the (admittedly not so good) Nets was better than what we have usually seen from John Wall.  How often have we seen John Wall have 13 assists against only 1 turnover?  He gets lots of dimes, but his assist to turnover ratio lags the best PGs in the league.  Plus Sessions, not noted for defense, did a great job helping to shut down the Nets backcourt offense.

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