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Game Notebook 71, Wizards vs. Hawks: ALERT: Hawk Attack in DC

Hawks 122
Wizards 101

March 23, 2016 – Verizon Center, Washington, DC

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The Wizards welcomed the Hawks to DC last night, looking to extend a 5 game winning streak. Washington had just beaten Atlanta two days earlier in the ATL, so they knew the winning formula.

For 24 minutes, they used their winning formula to concoct a 6th straight win:

  • Defend: They held Atlanta to 42% shooting.
  • Rebound: They outrebound the Hawks 27-23.
  • Limit turnovers: They committed only 5 turnovers.
  • Get John Wall rolling: 11 points, 6 assists in the first half.

  • Get John Wall help: 9 points from Keef, 9 from Gortat, 7 from Otto Porter, 7 from Jared Dudley.

The Hawks did add 8 threes to the Wizards victorious mix, but needed 22 three point attempts (36%) to do it.

Overall, the recipe worked, and the Wizards cooked up a 56-52 half time lead.

And then this:

The Hawks unleashed Hell on the Verizon Nylon, setting the nets ablaze (the friction from all their made baskets probably literally had the nets heating up).

Atlanta shot 64% in the second half, including a scorching 45% (9/20) from deep. And as is typical for the Wizads, it wasn’t the Hawks starters who did the majority of the damage. Kyle Korver’s three second half threes helped, but it was a crucial stretch of bench on bench assault that was the Wizards demise. In the second half, Dennis Schroder scored 12, on 4/5 shooting. Tim Hardaway had 10. Mike Scott had 10. As the lead swelled, Wizards fans began to get antsy:

But it was too late. By the time John Wall reentered the game, the damage was done, and the Wizards were that helpless, Hawk-attacked drone, spiraling and crashing back to earth.

Over the final 24 minutes, the Wizards were outscored 70-45. They gave up 41 4th quarter points. They committed 13 second half turnovers.

They lost 122-101. Winning steak, over.

The Game’s Top Performer

Dennis Schroder

This one hurts. The winning streak was snapped. The playoff push took a hit. But what REALLY hurts is that we at Hoop District have been having a lot of fun at Dennis Schroder’s expense this week, and now it’s come back to haunt us.

Schroder owned the Wizards last night. He basically wretched away their wand, put their Wizard hat on his stupid-colored head, and cast magic all over the court. In just 20 minutes, Schroder scored 23 points on just 9 shots. He made 8/9 free throws. He dished out 8 assists.

Consider that carefully: Dennis Schroder played a game that corresponds to 41 points, 16 FTA, and 13 assists PER 36 MINUTES.

That Hawk in the video above? That was basically Dennis Schroder.

A forgettable night for..

Bradley Beal

That CSN piece from Jay Michael says it better than I can, so I’ll just summarize Beal’s performance last night:

image (12)

Now, we don’t know if Bradley Beal was just sleep, or if he was euthanized by the coaching staff, or some combination of the two. Here’s what we do know:

After a stellar performance two nights ago, Beal attempted just 8 shots, less than any Wizards starter. He attempted just one three. He did not have a FG in the second half, or a FG attempt in the 4th quarter. He scored just 7 points.


Other Notables:

Marcus Thornton: I’m not sure what to make of this. Thornton was 5/10 from three, 8/16 from the field, and scored 23 points, to LEAD the team in scoring. Then again, the Wizards were outscored by 12 in his 23 minutes, and 17 of his 23 points came during the second half, when the Wizards were outscored 70-45, so his scoring didn’t exactly help the cause. Also, it’s not good when Marcus Thornton is your teams leading scorer.

Clearly Thornton can get hot. Clearly he can shoot the three. There’s roles in the NBA for guys like that, especially with coaches who have a great sense and feel for what the game and their team needs at any given moment, and coaches who can quickly assess what kind of night their guy is about to have. You know….good coaches….

Markieff Morris: 19 more points. 9 more rebounds. 8/12 shooting. 3/6 from three. Basically, just another night for Markieff Morris.

John Wall turnovers: 7 more turnovers, to taint an already average 13 point, 10 assist, 3 rebound game.

Wall now has 19 games in which he’s committed 6 or more turnovers. To put that in perspective, here’s how many such games other top flight PGs have:

  • Russell Westbrook: 21
  • Stephen Curry: 11
  • Damian Lillard: 9
  • Chris Paul: 1 (he had 6)….In fact, in 11 seasons, including playoffs, CP3 has just 30 games with 6+ turnovers. In 7 of those games, he had 7 turnovers. In one game, he had 8. That’s it.

Future outlook:

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