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Grading The Markieff To DC Deal

The Wizards have traded DeJuan Blair, Kris Humphries, and a protected 1st round pick to the Phoenix Suns for Markieff Morris.

The Pros:

Talent: Markieff is unquestionably a talent. At his best, he’s a 20 pount, 7 rebound player, who can thrive in multiple areas on the floor.

Familiarity: Markieff, who has been a major disappointment and malcontent since his brother left him, is being reunited with some familiar veterans. Markieff has played in the past with Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley, in his early time in the league, and this veteran familiarity could help stabilize Markieff, and help him to turn back into the player Phoenix was fantasizing about.

Reward: The Wizards gave up two guys who were out of the rotation, and a top-9 protected first round pick, for a guy who has shown extended flashes of lottery pick talent. Markieff is still just 26 years old.

The Cons:

Attitude: There is no questioning Markieff Morris’s talent. There are plenty of questions about his attitude. We don’t want to see this happening on the Wizards bench:

The hope is that the Wizards veteran presence and stability keeps Markieff’s mind right, and the fresh start rejuvenates his game.

Risk: IF things don’t go as planned, the Wizards suddenly find themselves losing, out of the playoff picture, saddled with a guy who doesn’t handle losing well, and without a first round draft pick that could be as high as 10th.

Oubre?: With Alan Anderson coming back, Markieff Morris in the fold, and the roster healthy, it’s hard to see much floor time for Oubre to develop on court this season. I like Oubre. I think he could develop into a really good NBA player. But once again, his future growth will probably be stunted at the expense of chasing a generally fruitless playoff spot this season. However, this was already happening with or without Markieff Morris.


Overall Grade: B-

Whether this trade makes the Wizards a better TEAM remains to be seen, but the Wizards definitely got more talented, for the short term and the longer term. In the short term, Markieff provides a certain upgrade talent wise over guys like Drew Gooden and Jared Dudley. Is Morris enough to boost the Wizards into the playoffs? We’ll see.

The long-term benefits of this trade are questionable at this point. Future roster moves in the offseason, coaching moves, and philosophy will all determine how this trade works out. The Wizards as an organization have shown a propensity for failure when it comes to maximizing talent. Markieff maximized is an excellent addition. But if all the Wizards can get out of Markieff Morris is what the Suns got this season, good luck with that.

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